My Aclass is sick again


Apr 25, 2003
C220 CDI (1999)
Having been "fixed" by a dealer a few weeks agao, my A170 auto is playing up again.

1) When I accelerate the car changes gear every 1500rpm so not much acceleration there.
2) If the road goes up the car will not change down and kick down do not happen, therefore I have to switch to "emergency tiptronic" (that is probably why it is there) but even then the car will not go above 3000rpm on any given gear.
3) When on the motorway and on 5th gear acceleration is non existant above 70mph and believe me it is dangerous when you try to overtake.

This is not a permanent problem of course (the last one we want) and Mercedes told me last time that they had reset the gearbox" would anyone have any idea?


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