1. P

    A-Class W168 Half Leather Seats £80

    Removed from a low mileage 54 plate Avantgarde Excellent condition showing no signs of wear Low price quick sale needed due to lack of space Collection from S18 Dronfield between Chesterfield and Sheffield
  2. C

    A-Class W176 Instant Sports Grill upgrade!

    I am in to car modifcations and didn't think it was worth paying the extra for the Sports Grill but really liked the look so I bought these Chrome Stickers which have a domed effect to stick on each of the 256 dots! Sticking the first couple were a bit tricky but got a lot easier and quicker as...
  3. T

    W169. A-Class Performance improvements

    I have owned a W169 2009 180 petrol A-Class from new and am very fond of the car and want to keep it. It is however a little slow...... Does anyone know of any engine improvements or larger engines which can be installed or maybe recommend someone who specialises in W169s?
  4. A

    A-Class Hazard Warning lights won't turn off

    Hi members, I'm hoping this is a quick fix. The battery on my A-Class was flat this morning and when I started the car using battery leads the hazard warning lights came on and stayed on. If I disconnect the battery then reconnect it they do go off. But come back on one again as soon...
  5. G

    For SALE: A-class W169 Interior Parts

    Following a recent carbon fibre interior update, I have a few original parts for sale: 1. Steering wheel controls assembly - fits all W/C 169 - part number A1698207310 2. Front lower centre console, Avantgarde trim (matte "speckled" aluminium) - A1696802639 3. Rear top centre console...
  6. cooks

    Aclass SE

    Hi GUYS, Thinking of getting a A Class SE any thoughts on engine as im looking at the petrol one auto, and any other things i should consider thanks.:dk:
  7. kusanku

    upgrading A-class stereo

    My wife has a 2010 Mercedes A-class on which the stereo is giving up: the CD player has stopped working, and Bluetooth does not appear to have worked for some time. Rather than getting this fixed, as the stereo is quite old and basic, I would rather upgrade it. Does anybody know what the options...
  8. Forsh

    Bluetooth puck not working '07 A-Class

    Hi All! Since the new 'phone use whilst driving laws' are now in operation I'd better sort the Bluetooth connection in my wifes '07 W169 A-class It has the black Bluetooth puck in the centre arm rest drawer but I can't get it to flash a blue light when I keep the button pushed Is there an easy...
  9. G

    For Sale: W169 A-class Black Nappa Leather Steering Wheel

    Following a recent upgrade, I have my original black nappa leather steering wheel for sale. Excellent condition, Gliptone cleaned and treated once a year, and kept clean throughout. From a 37k, non-smoking, no pets, no kids, no food car. I have never been known to apply a hand cream...
  10. T

    Aclass 2006 audio upgrade query :)

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if the mercedes Be7036 unit from a E220 with the number :A2118702604001 , will fit a 2006 Aclass and if so what apart from the unit will i need . thanks;), really appreciate your help kind regards Jan
  11. brucemillar

    Petrol A-Class battery charge ?

    Folks My FIL has bought a 2006 petrol A-Class. He needs to connect his maintenance charger. He can't find a charge point under the bonnet, so has to lift the floor to hook directly into the battery. Is there a charge point?
  12. D

    A-Class w176 Electric seats and dimming mirror retro fit.

    Hello New to the forum, I have a 2013 A200 AMG night edition. Comes well spec'd with the hardon kardon. Two things i'd like to retro fit are Electric front seats see link MERCEDES A CLASS W176 2012-2016 AMG SPORT FULL LEATHER SEATS COMPLETE BLACK RED | eBay and the auto dimming rear view...
  13. M

    A-class thoughts?

    Hi All, I am potentially looking at one of the new model A class cars, specifically the A200 or 250 Ive read a lot of reviews that basically said "meh" but I am interested in the actual experience and thoughts of people who own and drive them. So what are your thoughts and opinions...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    2018 A-Class Brand New Model - Spyshots

  15. Flyinspanner

    W168 A-Class towbar

    Does anyone have a very cheap towbar for a 2001 A-Class going spare? :dk: Preferably West London Heathrow/Ruislip/Watford/Harrow? Thanks
  16. MickyP64

    W169 A-Class Compatible Wheel Size

    Being a novice at this kind of thing I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to fit AMG Type III wheels from and SLK200 onto and A200 Turbo and what the pros and cons might be – the AMG’s that come standard on the A200T are 18x7 all round, I think the equivalent ones on the SLK are 18x7.5 front...
  17. S

    W169 A-class ESP light comes on when brake pedal pressed

    Hi, Having a real torrid time with this car. We spent over £1k fixing the gearbox bearings and ECU. Now a year later the ESP light (and engine management light) comes on when you hit the brake pedal for the first time after engine start. It then goes into limp mode max speed 30mph. MOT...
  18. gl boy


    Yet again my courtesy car is a new a class !!!!! Last time I was loaned one 3 weeks ago I did my back in it getting in !!!! Had another a class today , this time I knew what to expect , didn't disappoint me !!!! Really don't know how anyone over 5ft gets in to one of these cars from the...
  19. S

    Buying a new A-Class.. few questions

    Hey! I was originally posting in the new user section but, now I have a few questions, I think it's worth posting here! :D I'm entitled to a company car with work and the A200d AMG Line Auto fits the bill almost perfectly. I'm young. I like my gadgets and I like the idea of having a Merc...
  20. c55

    SS W168 A210 Aclass Evolution Exhaust

    Genuine A Class, W168, A210 Evolution Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips. Removed from W168 2003 LWB A210 Evolution but can be used to fit SWB W168s with minor modification and possibly others. Support Bracket will require some welding to fit. Exhaust Condition is good and...
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