My mate's 2018 E300e - first drive round the block

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Why on earth would regulators want to block the range extender idea? That seems to be the most elegant way of solving the range problem of a PHEV and the lack of infrastructure that plagues a BEV.

I know what you mean about smaller, lighter cars. Part of me hankers after something 3 Series- or even Golf-sized. Just for the puntability. And even Golfs are super-refined these days.

What's special about the Ionic 5 BTW? And isn't the electric C Class SUV-thingy MB's answer?
Ask the EU regulators who are setting the pace, with the UK tagging along behind.

Getting rid of children helps with downsizing, but wheelbase is still the fastest route to a smoother ride

Yes, the smaller MB electric SUV might be the answer. I just haven't seen enough reviews yet.

Here's the Ioniq 5. It looks like a hatchback, but it's much larger.

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