New Radiator needed.

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Can you see who made the original, either with a stamping on the part, or via an OEM part number alongside the Mercedes?

I recently changed the condenser on my w212 (so the aircon radiator), and the OEM is Mahle. Mahle do two versions of the aircon radiator: a cheap one, and a more expensive one. The advice from a specialist I spoke to said go for the higher priced of the two from the OEM, as that one is a better fit, better capacity and will last longer.

If you can take the same approach, I'd go with the OEM if it is still being made by them, IF it is much cheaper than Merc. Sometimes I'm surprised, and the Merc parts are very competitive. Contact MB Newcastle via ebay, or MB Grangemouth via phone, give them your VIN and see how much they can supply a genuine unit. Guaranteed best fit that way.
Most people with a reasonable knowledge of car parts will stray from genuine M B stuff. I will use non M B parts depending on what they are, Lemforder are my go to for suspension, Brembo for brakes, Mann or Hengst for filters. I fitted a non M B aircon condensor a few years back, exact fit and about half the cost of M B.
Recent water pump and thermostat were genuine M B.
I'm in need of a replacement radiator for my SL, has anyone strayed from Mercedes Benz parts?
My 300CE-24 had a Nissens radiator fitted a few months ago and all seems well. 220€ vs. 750.

Looked and felt to be of good quality.


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