Off to see a CLK...

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A little more excited about tomorrow than I should be. Booked in at Sheffield Gearboxes for a transmission service. He's using the full Febi kit and though I'm not expecting to feel any difference I'm looking forward to getting the leak that's been mentioned in the last few MOTs sorted.

I'm also booked in towards the end of the month at my local MB specialist for the plugs to be changed.

Both are jobs I've done quite a few times on other cars but a little more involved on the Benz. Best left to a pro this time I think.
Took a brave tablet and decided to do the plugs myself. Europa Sheffield price matched the cheapest online, which was nice.

And they loaned me these, which was even nicer.


Can't imagine there are many other Merc dealers that would do that. Or match prices. Or even give bloody part numbers.
Can't say I've ever changed plugs by touch before :eek: This job is right up there with replacing the pollen filter on a Saab 9-5. Anyway, six done, six to go. The Merc tool was very handy.

The six that came out. I think I've got children younger than these.


Also replaced the broken coolant drain plug and swapped out about 6.5-7 litres of coolant for fresh. Used Prestone because I didn't know what was already in it.

Got the remaining six out yesterday. With a bit of a hangover. Not recommended.
Your car look awesome, my CLK 240 is the only car I regret selling!
Another update on this.

The CLK has taken me a little by surprise in two ways. Firstly, I knew I'd like it but I imagined I'd like it in the "never had one of these before" way. Buy it, play with it, experience it, start all over again. But no, I really like it. I even have a look back at it after I've locked it and walk away. Secondly, nothing has gone catastrophically wrong. Still plenty of time for that obviously but I really did think I'd shake loose something awful, probably electrical and very spendy but no. I was extremely wary of the electrics but I think with this car I've hit a bit of a sweet spot. Not massively complicated and quite fixable. Happiest fixes were the transmission service which has hopefully fixed the leak mentioned many times on previous MOTs and an exhaust rattle that just needed a joint nipping up. Runs much better with that done too.

Anyhoo, I've got my CLK more or less where I want it. Broken things fixed or replaced, service items done. Cosmetically the car is pretty good but could still do with the wheels refurbishing and with the "new" genuine head unit I'm happy with how the interior looks. Might still swap out the Avantgarde metal trim for the Elegance(?) wood though. Rather pleased with my bouncing lock bodge too. Really didn't fancy spending hours trying to get to the actuator and spring so I just coloured a toothpick black and shoved it down the side of the lock button. Sorted 👍

A few jobs still pending. Front suspension arms, belts and pulleys. But that's about it.

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