Orthopedic seats wont inflate

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Jun 30, 2013
Hello guys Im new in the forum and I encountered a problem with my orthopedic seats on my 2006 CLK.The problem is that they wont inflate. The one day they were working fine and the next morning nothing.What could be probably go wrong? Thank you!
Get it on star diags. will tell you what's wrong with it

Quite possibly the pump has stopped working. Depending on the age, one of the check valves stuck open, therefore pump overheats and (sometimes) melts the internal pump housing causing a leak.

The car will detect a leak and stop the pump from running continuously.

On the CLS, the pump is in the left rear wing, need to take off the boot trim to have a look, not sure on the CLK.

A new pump is around £400 from from the dealers, you might be able to find one on ebay. I have the same fault, but not sure whether there's a leak in the system
Thank you very much I will check it out. However, I have checked online for the pump but I couldnt find anything so far so if you please can send me a link to part!
Your best bet is to locate the pump and get the model number off it, it might be possible that the one on CLS and CLK are different.

The number for mine is: 2118000148 labelled as ZB pumpe
Thank you very much I appriciate your help! :)
No worries! :thumb:

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