R 350 CDI, black smoke, jerky at low revs, soot on exhaust, occasional limp mode

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Hi Teddy - I think they ran a diagnostic - the fault codes showed a turbo boost problem - which I assume wouldn't be detected with a smoke test - but only with a boost test. The part was just over £100 and the whole bill inc. VAT came to just over £200... hope that helps?

Thanks - but I'm not sure what a boost test is, then. I thought you were just getting a smoke test to find air leaks. What exactly did they do to find the problem? Is this not a code that showed in a normal scan?

Will let you know tomorrow when I am finally allowed out to pick mine up.

Pardon my ignorance - a boost leak test is not a simple smoke test like in ye olden days (hey, it's my first car with a turbo!)

Relevant section starts at 3 mins

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Yes - the smoke test would only find a vacuum leak (I think I'm right) - but the split in the boost pipe wouldn't be picked up by a smoke test. Also the split in the boost pipe was only spotted under pressure...

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