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1st June 2010: start of the new rules for competition in the automotive sector

Following last week announcement by the European Commissioner for Competition Mr Almunia of the adoption of the new competition law framework for the automotive sector, the new rules apply in the market as of today 1st June 2010.
After 3 years of intensive discussions and debate with the Commission services, the R2RC welcome the adoption of sector-specific rules for the automotive aftermarket which should ensure continued access to technical information and a better monitoring of the competition in the repair and maintenance market by the European Commission and the national competition authorities.

The new framework is composed of a sector-specific Block Exemption Regulation focusing on aftermarket issues (BER 461/2010) accompanied by a set of Guidelines intended to bring even more clarity on what is and what is not permitted to guarrantee free competition to the benefit of the motoring consumers.

The two instruments are available on the R2RC website in the Legislation section.

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