SL63 - electrics are resetting whilst driving

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Apr 21, 2012
Back in June this year I had a problem with the central looking where it didnt work and needed/used entry with the manual key.

Thereafter, when I started the car the electrics/electronics were going crazy, on a reset sort of on/off all the time whilst driving.
(reset to me is when you start the car there is a precheck test of all the instruments and lights, the speedo & rev counter go full clockwise and back with all the instrument lights lighting up and off)
After a while it seemed to sort itself and everything was working as it should.
A week later the exact same thing happened again whilst driving, the electrics going crazy on and off constantly for at least 5 mins.
Took it to MB workshop who after a diagnostic test said the ignition unit needed changing. This was ordered and fitted under warranty, so I was happy.
About 2 months later, wham!! same thing again, so off to MB workshop again, and TBH I cant remember the excuse they gave me this time!

As recently as yesterday, wham, it is doing it again, constantly during me driving home and lasted at least 5 mins. Thankfully this didnt affect the lights and I could keep driving.
However, what I did notice was a clicking noise behind and over my right shoulder. Like a switch that was going in tandem with the electrics/electronics resetting.

Have any of the forum memebers experienced the same thing and or could enlighten me as to what may be the cause before I take it to the MB workshop?
sorry cant help with the solution, but someone will be able to.

I had a similar issue on a motorbike and that was down to the reg/rec which needed to be swapped. So if you fancy having a crack yourself check your charging voltage from the alt to the batt and make sure the batt is in tip top performance.

As elec gremlins will cause these sporadic issues, maybe its something like water in a module???. But I am sure STAR will show up the issue - if still under warranty get it sorted by MB and ignore their excuses. If out of warranty, it will still be covered as was a pre existing matter prior to warranty finishing so again, I wouldnt worry too much on that.

good luck, hopefully someone will give you a indicative answer soon
Car booked in for this Friday, so fingers crossed.

I took the opportunity to enquire what was changed the last time, which I was informed the SAM unit and Im sure she said an ICU or ECU? Both mean nothing to me.

Just be my luck if it is water, my old SL350 used to be plagued with water leaking into the boot and blowing the PSE, arghhh! :doh:

Thx for listening
Hope it gets sorted sorry I am not technical enough to help
SAM = System Acquisition Module
ECU = Electronic Control Unit.

Almost certainly referring to the same thing.

Hope it gets sorted without too much expense.

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