1. M

    Audio 20 regularly resetting USB device

    I've just replaced my old A200D with a new, late 2016 GLA200D and for the most part love the improvements in the updated Audio 20 media system. One thing has been annoying me though. I regularly leave a*USB*stick in the media port, filled with music to play. In my old A200 the Audio 20 system...
  2. lfckeeper

    Resetting AC - 2007 Mercedes CLS 320 cdi

    Just had the air con re gased ... is the only way to reset the system through star/ diagnostic read?
  3. L

    Resetting the ECU on a W204

    Today I reset the ECU on my '12 350 CDi using the instructions found on this forum and the car definitely feels much more responsive than before but I do have a question. Does this procedure reset the engine ECU, the gearbox or both?
  4. G

    Resetting my Service button

    Hi All,just wondering how I reset my service button.I drive a 2011 Mercedes E220 CDI.Many Thanks
  5. yuriboy

    resetting the clock

    hi all . i have a 2005 w211 320cdi with a few problems .. first thing i would like to know is how to reset the clock ........ i have command and it will only let me set the time in half hour increments and not change minuets it also wont let me set the date (its blanked out) ... thanks in...
  6. m2mb

    resetting service indicator

    Hi all. Service just done by dealer, made my pocket considerably lighter, the dash still says 'service overdue by 116 km. I tried the procedure I found in YouTube (key pos1, temp, push reset 3 times , etc etc) but service cannot be confirmed or cancelled although I can navigate that hidden...
  7. G

    722.6 resetting adaptions?

    W211 E320cdi 5 speed, got a snap on scanner to reset gearbox adaptions, how are you meant to drive the car after resetting them?
  8. rk100

    Code resetting

    Hi all Quick question regarding a 'cheap' scanner which can reset fault codes - for my daily VW golf 2005, not my mercedes!! The air bag light is on and I would like to reset it. There is a minefield of ones on ebay etc but just wondering if anyone has any recommendations/experience Any help...
  9. N

    resetting for steering wheel position

    can anyone tell me how to reset the auto position of steering wheel on entry and exit. many thanks neil
  10. R

    Resetting Climate Control

    How do you reset the climate control on c180 2001, if it there is any such thing?
  11. AlanWilliams

    SL63 - electrics are resetting whilst driving

    Back in June this year I had a problem with the central looking where it didnt work and needed/used entry with the manual key. Thereafter, when I started the car the electrics/electronics were going crazy, on a reset sort of on/off all the time whilst driving. (reset to me is when you start the...
  12. L

    Resetting adaptations

    Having just got a star system I was going through the various options/tests on my car. Found a few anomalies like being set up for memory seats and mirrors when I haven't got them fitted. All sorted now. I was intending on resetting the gearbox adaptations after changing the fluid and filter...
  13. BAZZER1

    Resetting air con system

    Hi Guys Can anyone explain what is required to re-set the Air Con System after re-charge, I have spoken to a number of people who always recommend the system is re-set after recharge, what is actually involved in this. Many thanks BAZZER1
  14. S

    Resetting SRS (Air Bag) Warning Light

    Hello all, I had to replace my window regulator recently, and while doing so, I disconnected the side air bag. I now have a SRS warning light on the dash. Does anyone know how to clear this? Kind regards.
  15. J

    Problems resetting service indicator on a 2006 mercedes C180k

    Hi, I have owned my 2006 Mercedes C180K Estate for the past Six years, and always had it serviced by mercedes dealer, however this time I serviced the car myself using mercedes parts, oil,air and pollen filters and correct oil. However I am unable to reset the service indicator. I turn the key...
  16. simonjamesturne

    Resetting the W211 SBC counter

    Does anyone know if this service for resetting W211 SBC units is genuine? MERCEDES W211 & R230 ABS SBC ESP MOBILE CHEAP REPAIR SERVICE in Reading | Motoring, Mechanic & Car Breakdown Services | Seems to use something called "Xentry", what ever that is?
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Resetting SRS error

    Over the weekend while solidering the upper facelift controls on my dash I managed to stupidly let 2 of them touch which resulted in fusing one of the fuses. :wallbash: Aswell as the fuse blowing the STS error appeared, I have replaced the fuse which fixed all of the problems accept the SRS...
  18. @MARK

    Temperature Resetting Itself

    I have noticed today that whenever I return to my car, the temperature of the climate control has reset itself to 21 degrees. Considering I have consciously turned it up to 22 degrees on more than one occasion today is this normal behaviour or am I missing something? Surely the car should...
  19. Stratman

    Resetting service indicator (pre F/L W203)

    I've tried this from the MB Guru Forum but it didn't work, step (e) didn't happen. It just cycled through Voltage (11.9, must get a new battery), Software Versions/oil level, Dyno Mode and VIN. Perhaps these instructions are for a post facelift W203? Does anybody know how to reset the service...
  20. Palfrem

    Re-setting service indicators

    YouTube - ‪Mercedes E320 service interval reset service wrench‬‏ YouTube - ‪Mercedes Benz C230 service interval reset‬‏ I assume this will work on UK cars too. I don't see the point in this though - won't a buyer just look at the service book and smell a rat?
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