1. 5

    Strange smell of fuel after driving for a while

    Has anyone got any experience of an intermittent smell of fuel after driving for some time. I get a very strong smell, but can’t see where its coming from? This is normally after the engine is warmed up and has been driven for at least an hr or so? Im wondering if its the injector O-rings which...
  2. brucemillar

    View your driving licence on-line

  3. brucemillar

    Why driving bans don't work?

    Nathan Schwingen jailed for dangerous driving in Broadstairs
  4. 219

    Self driving lorries now

    'Self-driving' lorries to be tested on UK roads - BBC News
  5. MancMike

    What old car is this guy driving?

    Someone here will know for sure. Massive ridge down it's cheese grater bonnet, I've no idea what it is, but curiosity got the better of me... https://youtu.be/hdTAQtD1kVo?t=1m48s hdTAQtD1kVo?t=1m48s (at 1:48 if the timed link doesn't work)
  6. 219

    Driving the Uhlenhaut 300SLR !

  7. E

    Drive Unavailable and beeping (driving me crazy)

    Hi my 2012 w204 c class coupe audio 20 keeps on beeping and displays drive unavailable, it some times let me access the disc drive which are showing as empty, the drive does not let me insert any discs, issue is driving me crazy what do i do
  8. C

    2001 Sprinter - Intermittent Non-Starter & Dies whilst driving

    My first time here, so hello! ... and thanks (especially as its a long post!) in advance to anyone that can help. I have a 2001 Sprinter 311cdi, which I have converted to a camper. For over 2 years there has been an intermittent fault which started as follows: Whilst in a queu one wet...
  9. F

    Engine cutting out while driving!

    Was driving along today when I noticed my blowers and A/C had stopped working then I noticed my Rev and speedometer where showing nothing to my horror the car was just cruising as the engine had cut off! I managed to pull over turned engine off restarted engine fired then went off straight...
  10. G

    W219 CLS500 Bi-Xenon swiveling lights (Adjust for European driving)

    Hello guys, I have been trying to find the switch on my 2005 W219 CLS to convert to symmetrical beam pattern. But I cannot locate it, does anyone have a picture or something to know what to look for? My car has the Bi-Xenon swiveling dipped beam lights When I had my CL500 the lever was quite...
  11. R129mine

    SL500 - cut out while driving, won't start

    hi on Tuesday evening in torrential rain my R129 lost all engine power, all the dash lights came on, power steering gone etc. i managed coast onto a country lane where i waited for next 6 hours till a recovery truck picked me up at 1am in the morning, fun! all electrics worked but just...
  12. BTB 500

    W639 Vito/Viano instrument cluster issue ('re-booting' while driving)

    Got a strange problem with our 2007 W639 Vito - the cluster display has started 're-booting' (for want of a better description!) intermittently while driving. It goes blank, then displays 'no data', then comes back up with the miles/mpg/time/speed stats. all reset. I *think* the red SRS light on...
  13. clk320x

    Driving to Belgium tomorrow, and can't find my V5

    Driving to Belgium tomorrow, and I can't find my V5 anywhere :doh: I've got my proof of insurance / drivers licence etc. Is this likely to be an issue?
  14. A

    Aaaghh.. squeeks and rattles driving me crazy!

    Hi, My 2013 E63 has numerous squeaks and rattles that are driving me crazy, and seem to be very difficult to locate (they sound like they are coming from everywhere!). I have been sensitised to the noises to he extent that it is really starting to spoil my enjoyment of the car. I am desperate...
  15. Charles Morgan

    Shocking E63 driving today

    Stuck behind an E63 today on the A412 which is always slow as people intending to turn right in a mile pull out and block lane 2. First roundabout he's still held up then at the second he indicates right, the way is clear, and he brakes when he gets up to about 20mph on a benign corner. (I'm...
  16. Dannyallen89

    Rubbing noise when driving slow or turning left?

    Hi all I have a slight rubbing noise on my s204 when turning left or I hear it driving around 20mph or slower can anybody shine some light into what this could be? I had new pads fitted when I bought the car but not discs I'm thinking it could need discs or cv boot needing replaced. Also I...
  17. D

    Nurburgring Driving Academy using C63 coupes now

    Spent a wet day at the Ring yesterday - was pleasantly surprised to see the Ring driving academy (not the AMG one) are now using C63S coupes. Look pretty cool with the Edition 1 graphics although they are not Edition 1 cars - rather they are very highly equipped S coupes with ceramics and...
  18. lisa110rry

    Compare legal drink driving levels in the UK with Illinois, USA

    Hello folks, I'm going 'home' in June for a walk down memory lane in my Uni town and home town in Illinois in a month or so. Tonight I've been trying to check the legal drink driving level in my home state, but I'm confused. The Illinois level is 0.08%. The U.K. level speaks of microgrammes...
  19. BoristheBounce

    S213 E220 Driving Modes

    Someone mentioned in a thread I read earlier that the car they had just bought took a while before it" learned" his style of driving and once it had it changed the way it drove. I've heard of this before on cars. My question is.... on my new S213 which has its own choice of driving modes...
  20. clk320x

    Driving in france

    Hi guys, Planning a day trip to Belgium though France with the family So I'm 99% sure all we will need: - High vis vest - headlamp beam deflector stickers - breathalyser I know I need a warning triangle but my car has one fitted in the boot which I see when I open it... is this okay...
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