Stone chip in windscreen

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Surprising......most repairs I've seen (inc one on my CLK) I would not have called even acceptable....also the resin seems to have a short life....usually yellowing and starting to lift within a couple of years.
I've had mixed results.

Two repairs have been absolutely fine, almost invisible, and didn't discolour.

A third was pretty good but due to the nature of the chip and crack from it, it was visible although out of my eyeline so not a great issue. However, when the guy did the repair he warned that the screen may crack from that point due to the nature of the impact damage and sure enough around 12 months later a large crack appeared that meant the screen had to be replaced.

The good news is that Autoglass have a "lifetime warranty" on their repairs, and so they fitted a replacement screen FOC. The best of it is that the insurance excess on the repair was just £10, so I avoided the £75 excess for a replacement screen.

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