The w212 E350 brake thread (including ceramic pad options)

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That's the flip side alright , so many things out there and even identified as toxic in this day and age but no legislation to support it's ban .

Ferodo was of big help to me when I had my MK 1 GTI three decades ago , the brakes were awful something to do with the right hand drive conversion .

You could stomp on them at town speeds with the might of Tom Platz and they would have no hint of locking and take an age to pull the car up .

Anyway whilst down Tim Styles Racing a GTI tuner and specialist , Tim's brother sold me some Ferodo pads , what a difference those pads made .
Thanks to the OP, I managed to pick up a pair of 4 pots for my e350 from ebay for £40!!

Getting some squeal at very low speeds that I need to sort and only using basic B&B pads atm.............. shame the Power Stop 17-1420 plus ceramics are not available here. I was using ATE Ceramics and the just reduction is great!

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