W123 Inner drive shaft boot (and what its filled with)?

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OK so let's be clear, the differential operates in its own oil, the same as every car on the road. The drive shafts are solid and do not share the same oil. At each end there is a steel cup that encases the c.v. joint into which the oil is held in. Its then sealed off with a conventional rubber boot secured by steel clips to make it oil tight, to fill you stand the assembly on its ends to fill and then seal it off , simples . My issue was what is the grade of oil and how much do you need to put in??? Maybe it is the same oil as in the differential casing
I cant see how you could possibly fill a boot with oil and then clamp it in place!!

Neither can I. Our new half shaft boots came with sachets of grease.

And the old grease was carefully cleaned off.

This on a W124.

W123 do have oil in the driveshaft joints! as explained earlier the shafts are filled with oil BEFORE being fitted to the car as Fabmark states simply stand on end fill the boot then clamp the steel ring to seal the boot not difficult, and i am a old school retired mechanic just for the record, when i had my W123s i did replace the oil with grease though when the boots started to leak,
Molybdenum grease is what id use....from a quick Google this is now what Mercedes recommend to use on the 123 too....far less likely to leak out too.

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