W201 190E 1.8 auto 1992 K - for sale, with regret

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    Oct 11, 2004
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    W210 E300TD
    Hell everybody, as I'm using the E300 more or less daily, I think the 190 will have to be sold. She's sitting on the driveway, looking lost.

    She is black, with grey interior, electric sunroof. Essentially original as the day she was born. Mileage approx 77k.

    She is in decent condition, picture in my album, but can post more.

    Known issues:

    Idle control valve identified by John Haynes (Worthing) as needing replacement, due to starting difficulty (never fails to start, just not always first time) and fast idle once warm

    Rear brake pipes needing replacement, but passed MoT (has been an advisory for a number of years)

    Needs new multi-function switch/stalk, as the end cap has come adrift, but trusty black electrical tape keeps all well. Putting wiper on can be a little suck-it-and-see, but works when told and stops when told

    Heater can sometimes blow a little cool, could be simple issue as thermostat, or could be matrix, but John Haynes have not stated it's that to be honest.

    Minor issues:

    Needs radio/ICE re-fitting

    A couple of minor rust spots on body, and paintwork has gone dull in places over time, with some light body scuffs here and there but not overly noticeable (I'm being picky)

    Plus points:

    Been owned and driven in my family since ~1996

    Serviced and maintained by Mercedes or local specialist in Worthing

    New exhaust, 4x tyres, oil/filters/plugs changed within last month or so, with recent MoT

    Nearly full tank of petrol and might throw the RFL in too (there's about 4 months left)

    Includes original first-aid kit and warning triangle in boot.

    I'm looking to get some money back on what has recently been spent, but nothing more. She deserves a good home. If anyone is interested please PM me to discuss money.

    I have only listed here thus far, I'll try and avoid eBay etc.

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