W204 - c63 Steering wheel upgrade Question?

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Oct 20, 2022
Lamborghini Gallardo/AMG C63
Morning all,

A post probably done many times....looking over the interwebs to find what steering wheel can be a 'plug n play' upgrade solution for the very black and plastic-looking steering wheel that is on my 2009 AMG C63.

Any suggestions on which wheel would be a straight swap without all the faf or is there no such thing? I see one guy just snap on a carbo fibre wheel, and yet another had to change the steering column housing with the stalks on.

Any companies that do upgraded wheels, happy to take it to a specialist. Has anyone done this to their c63 to modernise it and freshen it up a bit?

Essex-based new owner with many more questions to come :)
Royals did my CLS wheel , made an outstanding job of it.

Looks great. I was hoping for an upgrade from the plain black steering wheel to the 3 pronged with the silver and or a totally new carbon fibre one. Refurb might not be the way I go although I did have a look and they do an exceptional job I see. I am looking for a total refresh and upgrade I think.

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