W209 wing mirror base plate removal??

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Sep 4, 2023
W209 CLK 270 CDI & W203 C220 CDI
Hello all, any idea how to remove the base plate of the mirror i.e. not the mirror cover but the triangular shaped plastic that seals against the door? I need to swap an entire mirror unit over but diff coloured car, could do without spraying it, must be a way to take it off?
Unfortunately that only removes the mirror from the door. Apologies for not specifying, I need the plastic trim around the base of the mirror (pictured) removed from the skeleton/frame of the mirror. Mercedes sell them separately so must be possible!


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It’s a take the wing mirror apart job.

I have done this on a W211 E class and I am sure it’s a very similar process.
It is a bit of a fiddle to do, door panel needs to come off to allow you to get the plug out of the door control unit. The mirror housing will come apart with some trim removal tools, lots of tabs that can break so take care. Once you get it apart it should be pretty easy to do, I have done a couple of them.
I damaged the mirror housing on CLK, got replacement same colour from breaker.
The only trim has to be taken off is the small speaker and then fish out the multi pin plug. Be careful not to drop small screws they will disappear for ever into door cavity for ever.
There is multi pin plug on my CLK, face lift.
I replaced the entire mirror housing about 6-7 years ago.
Well I was after fully disassembling it down to its components. I figured it out in the end, I made a video as well if anyone else needs to do the same. Give me a sub as well please if you fancy seeing CLK content ;)

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