Wanted-new C230k!!

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Jun 6, 2004
Unfortunately I am no longer the owner of a low mileage subtly personalised Benz. Due to input error(too much pace, not enough concentration) :( and not great road conditions(dips,damp and pot holes) :mad: not to mention fresh tyre silk, I am now waiting on an insurance payout. The insurance company reckon that approx £3000 of damage is uneconomical to repair. :(

This means that I am now in search of a replacement car. I am after another C230K sport, this time a facelift model, preferably 1998/99 in black or silver, auto or man.
There are a couple on autotrader but I am a tad weary of travelling 400 miles (based near Inverness) to look at a car that turns out to be a shed, hence I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any immaculate examples on the market.

I have around £8k to spend, obviously depending on spec, mileage etc. I am wiling to travel if it is a genuinely good example.

Failing this there will be a full brand new WALD bodykit and a set of 17" staggered AMG alloy wheels up for sale!! :eek:
Forgot to mention - I promise to take care of the next one!!
Roj, could you tell me more about the Wald bodykit,i have a C230k 96 model which is for sale.
This car is in mint condition.
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Hi Shaan, sorry about the delay in replying, I've been on deplyment with work with no access to net.
You can check the kit out here http://www.mercedesperformance.co.uk/pdfs/W202C.pdf

Unfortunately if you were interested in buying my kit I've already sold it.
Also I'm no longer in the market for a new car as, due to overseas work commitments, its no longer economical :( (or sensible!!) to have a car like that here. You never know though, things change and hopefully Tony Blair changes his mind and I get to stay here more often! ;)

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