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Nov 8, 2014
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The best advice I can give is clean wheels very regularly with quality products and quality fallout remover, and use some wax, any wax. This puts you way ahead of nearly all other drivers and will keep the wheels looking good IMHO
Exactly ! Despite all the faffing about brands, the important thing is to just clean the thing regularly and use a good product to give protection to the finished vehicle.

my preferred product is Mint Rims, but the most important thing is to detail the car properly twice a year and keep it clean in between.




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Nov 14, 2016
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After having new tyres fitted on Tuesday I took off the wheels today to clean them.
I waxed them using that new Turtle Wax ceramic wax, they came up nicely. (Too many wax’s there)
I don’t do many miles so wheels don’t get very dirty before I clean them.
I’ve been using the ceramic hybrid since they launched it. S0 about 18 months now. Washed the car last week and the beading is still good (admittedy it does not live outside and does low mileage).


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Sep 11, 2015
Agree. I didn't come down in the last shower so don't buy (pun intended) all the marketing flim-flam to con me into buying a special wax for alloy wheels. It's just metal exposed to the elements so clean off brake dust asap wash, & wax. Sealants make little or no difference whatsoever, apart from the suppliers profit margin. A powerful hose does NOT remove all the muck you STILL have to wash properly by hand then wax, any wax. You have to be prepared to wash wheels frequently there are no shortcuts. Wash when cool of course as per washing/waxing anything.

Well that's not true and quite ignorant really.

I've worked on plenty of cars which have ceramic coated wheels and the dirt will just hose off. Some haven't been cleaned in months.

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