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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    P15 EDD on an X5 this morning. Not sure if he's called Edward or whether he likes a drink.....
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    Binoculars recommendation

    Off to the Kruger for a quick trip at the end of the month and need another pair of binoculars to save us fighting over the one pair we've got. Obviously want the best for free but that won't happen. Budget - there is none but want quality that will last ( we go yearly ). Not sure what to...
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    Why is this cheap(ish)? 34 pictures and none of the outside doesn't do it any favours.
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    Why? Just why?

    Maybe I'm getting old.
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    Maybe not replacing my E63 with the W213 version then...

    What?? I'm not having that. I call custard or fake news or similar!
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    Lets see your dogs

    Dexter at nine. Where does the time go?
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    Coal lorries

    We've got one local to us that's been going since 1486(or maybe a bit later!). Guys are strong as oxen, wear thick leather aprons and can carry two 20 kilo bags in each hand. Look like Victorian chimney sweeps in the week but if I see them in the local on a Friday or Saturday I hardly recognise...
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    Seen that one. Been for sale for a while. Poor spec holds it back.
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    And first ones a saloon!!
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    Second one is stolen recovered though!!
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    It's funny. I never ever look on eBay for cars! Must have some sort of mental block about it I suppose, that and not getting what the picture shows. Thanks mate!
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    E63 estate. 6.3 or 5.5?

    I've been AMG less for 2 1/2 years now and it's beginning to hurt. Previous was a 2012 C63. Been looking at facelift 5.5's and have driven a new one at a dealership and was impressed. However at the moment what I would want is c.8k more than I want to pay at around 35/38k. I'm getting...
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    Ok . 63 .AMG ... E Class or C Class ?

    I have had a similar predicament recently - although I have been dragging my heels for quite a while now. I ran a C63 estate (facelift) for 2.5 years and loved it but after I bought a VW transporter I barely used it. Criminal I know. Ever since I sold it I've missed that engine. I don't need an...
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    So what's next for SPX?

    Same old same old work wise for me. Had an architect have a look at the plot in Cornwall, should make a start in the next couple of years. Still in the transporter but still looking at an E63. I thought prices might have dropped a bit more than they have. Still, no hurry!
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    So what's next for SPX?

    Thread resurrection time mate!! Hope things are good with you.
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