1. markjay

    For Sale: The Observer's Book of Automobiles - 23rd Edition 1980 & 25th Edition 1982

    See below. Condition: Used. I'd say they are more suitable for general interest and for nostalgia purposes than for collectors - they are OK but not pristine.
  2. M

    Alloys for 1982 230 CE

    Anybody has a set of original 6.0" alloys and tyres suitable for a 1982 CE. Will travel to collect. 07962 031507
  3. MB-SL500

    Exhaust System R107 500 SL 1982

    Help! Looking for a full exhaust system for my car. Been quoted some very high costs, and wondered if anyone knows a more competitive source? Live in NW London, although I suspect a supplier can deliver.
  4. MB-SL500

    Haynes Manual 1982 500SL

    Does anyone have, or know where I can pick up a Haynes manual for my 107? Have looked in the normal places online!
  5. MB-SL500

    SL500 R107 1982 spare wheel / tyre

    Help! Am looking for either: -spare rim for my car (even non-alloy); or, -alternative option like a space saver? I currently have 205/60/15, but I don't have a spare wheel. Another question, is this the only tyre size which can fit on my existing alloys? I have asked various places who...
  6. MB-SL500

    SL500 R107 1982 Advice Please!

    Recently purchased an SL500 R107, after much deliberation! Need some advice please... I knew that the front floor pans (inside and under body) need attention; but would like the best advice on getting this sorted! Am NW London based and looking for a good (reasonable) welder! Any...
  7. I

    1982 300 SD 1500 original miles

    Mercedes Benz s Class 4 Door Sedan | eBay Just look how this thing was built, those were the days. What'll it make?
  8. K

    1982 500 sel

    1982 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL For Sale by Auction on Car And Classic UK [C585871] What a beautiful colour: lapis blue. I'm sure this one was offered for sale by 4 Star Classics for a number of months last year. This first generation w126s are certainly becoming rarer.
  9. paddingtonfire

    280TE 1982 Servicing

    Evening All, I've just got hold of a nice one owner 280TE, and want to service it for a bit of piece of mind, and I wondered if the forum could confirm/deny a few questions please. First question is regarding oil choice. I know it's a huge subject, but the service record says Castrol GTX...
  10. L

    1982 280sl

    we have owned this car since 1984, she is low mileage, 33,000 and in A1 condition, apart from the drivers seat, car is cream with MBTEX seats with cloth inserts cream with light brown check, the middle of the seat insert is showing wear, my fault, and I cannot match the colour, D Class have been...
  11. J

    Newbie 1982 230CE

    Hi everyone Recently purchased a 1982 230CE in pretty good condition, slightly different to the normal as its on wire wheels and hydraulics! I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but it hasn't ruined the car in my opinion its different in a good way! Got quite a few plans for the car but...
  12. S

    R107 1982 380SL original stereo

    Hi there - does anyone know what factory-fitted stereo would originally be fitted in my 1982 380SL? Would it be the Becker 612 Grand Prix? Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
  13. T

    1982 Mercedes Benz hood leak - any ideas?

    Hi, I've just joined MB Club today, and I've only had my car for a week. The car has a new hood which is water-tight, but when it rains water leaks in through the screen surround and down the interior mirror stalk. This then runs into the electric window switches! There is a rubber seal on the...
  14. S

    1982 R107 (380SL) number plates

    Hi - does anyone know what would be the original registrations plates on a 1982 380SL (R107)? I am guessing they would be the standard acrylic ones, rather than the metal ones with plastic raised lettering? Does anyone know where I can get the correct ones made up from?
  15. S

    Mercedes 230ce 1982 Lowrider Custom

    Must be one of a kind Mercedes 230ce 1982 Lowrider Custom | eBay
  16. M

    1982 280ce Cutting out, ran out of fuel!

    Hello, My Mercedes 280ce keeps cutting out. Basically I ran out of fuel :crazy: and then it keeps starting for a few hundred meters and then cutting out, where it used to idle it now dies. What's the best thing to do? It goes as it should once started, but then when it dies it takes a while to...
  17. P

    Instrument Cluster Mercedes 123 1982

    If anyone is breaking a W123 series 1982 or close to, I am looking for the complete instrument cluster for mine. This cluster includes the Speedo, Clock, Fuel Oil and Temp Guages etc. I am having quite some difficulty finding one so any advice would be welcome. :wallbash:
  18. C

    "New" 1982 280 CE

    This is a introduction!! I just picked up a 1982 280CE on Wed's of this week! I'd never driven one before Wednesday, but had been lurking on this site for sometime whilst I contemplated the pro's & con's of buying the classic!! I fell in love on the drive back to London from Newmarket...
  19. P

    Instrument Cluster W123 200D 1982

    I am looking for an instrument cluster for my 1982 W123 200D. If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can get one I would like to hear from you. Many thanks.
  20. J

    1982 W123 Alternator

    Hi I've been enjoying my W123 for about 6 months now but there is a starter issue and I believe it to be the alternator. Been trying to source one but it is quite difficult with there being some confusion over exactly what will fit and won't. Being a novice "mechanic" I do want to switch it...
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