1. pmcgsmurf

    W212 E250 CDI Sport (2010) Modification Suggestions ?

    Hi folks I'm getting itchy fingers with one of the 2010 E250 CDI Sport cars. ;) Anyone any suggestions on what I could add? Was thinking maybe LED sills or puddle lights or similar but any suggestions appreciated. It has 16k miles, Panoramic Roof, Comand, DAB, Climate, Leather heated...
  2. markheaney2

    S350 did 2010 hesitation misfire cough

    Good evening I am a chauffeur based in York, I use a Mercedes s 350 bluefficiency 2010, I have a recurring problem, here goes, sometimes when I accelerate whether gently or more the car feels numb, the next time it feels like a rocket, when it is numb it is often followed by a cough or misfire...
  3. Londonscottish

    What's the capacity of the hard disc in a 2010 212?

    as in the title
  4. horsesuitedfool

    C63 2010 Start Up Rattle... Split Second Then Gone...

    Hi, as the title says, I have a C63 rattle when I first crank the engine in the morning, it goes away almost instantaneously and it is worse when the oil level was lower than at the full mark and also worse when I had OW40 oil.... These things make me believe its down to oil pressure perhaps not...
  5. jonnyboy82

    2010 (60) Mercedes C220 CDI Blue Efficient Sport

    Registered 29th Octoberber 2010 – 60 Reg Two previous owners including myself 50,055 miles (may increase slightly) Mercedes Main Dealer Service History 2.1 Litre Manual Turbo Diesel Engine – 170 BHP Low Tax Band £135 A Year Blue Efficiency Sport Model Exterior Bright Silver Metallic Parktronic...
  6. Johnerz

    E250 Coupe 2010 iPod issue

    Hi After much hassle I finally found the correct cables to connect my new iPod to my car and effectively use it as a HDD for the car. It was working well until the system started freezing, I can look through a play list it displays on the screen then it just freezes for up to 5 mins...
  7. Johnerz

    E250 Coupe 2010 Dashboard display change.

    Hi I have an E250 coupe sport Sept 2010 model. I love the car but the screen display in the middle of the speedometer now reminds me of 1980's computer games. It didn't bother me when I brought the car cause I fell for the shape and the colour of th car and the drive. I opted not to go for...
  8. P30egy

    2010 E63 rear cat delete

    As title a few questions regarding this; 1 how much louder is it when driving normally? Next does anyone recommend any garage to do the work chestefield/Sheffield/Mansfield area.
  9. E

    W164 2006 (55 plate) 320CDI wing mirror swap to 2010 version

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help. I've just acquired my ML and would like to update the wing mirrors to the bigger 2010 version. Does anybody know what part numbers I would need, please? I'll probably need to get them from a dealer as they seem to be pretty rare on eBay. This is all, of...
  10. S

    2010 c63 saloon / estate secondary cats and resonator

    Folks Standard items. Cats - £100 Resonator - £100 Both for £185 for mbclub folk. Pickup only, based in kingston R
  11. Johnerz

    iPod issue + Command update (2010 E250)

    Hi I have a 2010 E250 CDI coupe, for music I have a new iPod connected by the cable in the glove compartment. This was working fine until yesterday when the iPod decided to stop work and show the message incompatible when I connected it. I brought the car in March and once I got the...
  12. Londonscottish

    Wanted; staggered twin spoke AMG 18's for 2010 E Class

    My wife came home with (yet another) new dress yesterday and apologised. I said "I don't mind if you buy dresses as long as I get to but some alloys" and she said "Why not?". So I'm going to take off on store the 17's with Winters on ready to sell in November and put some 18's on So I'm...
  13. S

    Sprinter 313 cdi 2010 EGR pipe

    Hi all. I'm currently replacing the metal pipe from the EGR valve to the inlet manifold. However, the fixing plate to secure onto the manifold doesn't seem to fit over the flanges. I've cut the old pipe in half to get it off but can't get it onto the new one!!!!3
  14. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Parking Lamp Bulb

    My front n/s headlight needs a bulb as it's showing front left parking lamp on the dash. Which bulb in the correct one and do I need to replace all 4 to match both drivers ask passengers side as it looks like there is two of these bulbs on each Headlight. Is there an error free led upgrade...
  15. Shala

    For Sale: Mercedes S350 CDI 2010, 27.5k miles FSH £16,500 ono

    Hi guys, After buying this car from mercedes last may I have to finally sell my pride & joy as I now have 4 children so need a bigger vehicle (Mercedes GL springs to mind). I've advertised it on Autotrader so added the link here to make it easy. its got 4 service from mercedes dealers and last...
  16. C

    New battery required c63 2010 amg

    Come back to it twice and won't start, needs new battery, any recommendations on replacement brands or part numbers will be great
  17. Londonscottish

    2010 S212 E500 AG - trying to make sense of the specs

    Hi 212 owners. I found a sales brochure and price list for my 212 and am trying to figure out what options the first owner added. From what I can see a 2010 E500 Avantgarde had the following as standard; Airmatic, Direct Steering, Intelligent Light System (bi-Xenon, cornering lights...
  18. -AJC-

    2010 Mercedes E350 CDI BlueEfficiency Sport - For Sale

    Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Sport with full main dealer service history and an impressive specification. Palladium Silver metallic 7 Speed Automatic with Steering Wheel Paddle Control Factory fitted 19" AMG alloys with factory arch extensions Comand (Sat Nav/DVD/6xCD/Bluetooth Handsfree...
  19. jonnyboy82

    2010 W204 Command questions?

    Hi all, just got myself an 60 plate c220 cdi sport saloon and I am loving it so far. With regard to he command head unit I have a few questions: 1. Can I stream Bluetooth with my iPhone 6s! 2. DVD playing whilst in motion be unlocked? 3. How do I connect my iPod? Many thanks in advance...
  20. C

    C63 PPP for sale 2010

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