1. M

    Roof Bars for 219 CLS

    As above, I'm looking for some roof bars for a 219 CLS. Preferably Thule or MB. I'm in Bristol so anywhere near me would be great.
  2. J

    CLS 219 - Creaking airmatic level sensor

    Hi, have a 2008 CLS 500, I had a creak from the front left suspension and started doing the ball joint, got it apart and it was fine, then realised that the noise was coming from the Airmatic level sensor when I detached the dog bone that connects it to the top wishbone. I doused it in WD40...
  3. 1

    Cls 219 front lip

    Anyone bought and fitted a front lip that is good quality and fitment? I had one fitted but broke it today. I bought it from a forum member so not sure where it was from. Thanks
  4. P

    Turbo woes - CLS 219 320 CDI

    I bought a CLS 320 CDI over a month ago, in London. As the usual process post buying a car from a private seller, I took it in for a service and to get a few issues fixed (like front brakes/tyres). I thought there was an oil leak somewhere, and unfortunately I was right, it was coming from the...
  5. M

    CLS 219 Roof bars

    I have some official Merc CLS rood bars that I no longer need. Collection from London. £75
  6. A

    Suggestions on CLS 219 front pads and discs

    Not sure on options here other than standard OE and mine need replacing pretty soon. Are there third party pad/disc combinations brands worth looking at? Is much performance gained by looking beyond standard OE products? I'm not looking to go mad or have eye watering braking power, just equal...
  7. J

    CLS (219) Brakes ?

    I have a 2008 CLS 500 5.5, not an AMG so it has the normal brakes, the brakes are ok but expected better, suspect that they need a bit of fettling, I managed after a couple of stops from high speed to induce fade, something I have not experienced in a car in a long time, not horrendous but didnt...
  8. M

    CLS 219 Roof Bars

    Following the sale of my CLS I have a set of genuine Mercedes lockable roof bars for sale. £100 collected from London I won't post these due to their size.
  9. andy27168

    Mercedes CLS 219 Aux Input

    Hi, I have a 219 CLS 55 55 Plate, 06 MY, with Command (NTG 1?? I think) Harman Kardon sounds, with TV Tuner and OEM IPOD Kit. I have noticed that when you press for video on the command unit on the left of the screen there is the option of selecting DVD or TV, and on the right hand side there...
  10. M

    CLS 219 airmatic compressor issue

    Hello everybody! I have a problem with my airmatic suspension for the last two weeks. Firstly, I took the car to an independent Merc spec and they replaced the compressor as it was running all the time (causing the fuses to blow). However, the malfunction warning came back on the...
  11. T

    CLS GRAND EDITION - 219 question

    grateful for any help on this please. As I understand it there were 550 or 560 CLS Grand Edition models available, and I am trying to find out if the chassis numbers for these cars were sequenced at all, as in some other limited edition model runs, any body help or point me in the right...
  12. Stig2082

    CLS AMG (219) - how many batteries??

    Hi Guys, My Command unit has frozen and just plays a radio station and none of buttons work. Have been advised by Command repair dealer to disconnect battery to reset it before bringing it in as that solves lots of the issues. I disconnected the one in the boot, and Command still in the same...
  13. andy27168

    Engine CAN C Connector CLS 219 Where?

    Hi, As some of you are aware, I am retro fitting Distronic to my CLS 55, I fitted the loom the weekend with the exception of plugging in the CAN Connector. Can anyone tell me where it is? As it is,nt where I thought it was, WIS states it is in the driver's side cable guttering just in front of...
  14. andy27168

    CLS 219 Front Grill single bar type

    For Sale CLS 219 front grill, later single bar style bought brand new 3-4 months ago, replaced due to fitting distronic. PM me for more details, price etc. Pic of my CLS with the said grill fitted.
  15. andy27168

    WANTED CLS 219 Distronic sensor

    Hi, As some of you maybe aware I am currently assembling the parts required to retro fit Distronic. I am having great difficulty in sourcing the correct sensor/control unit, a need pt. no. A 230 540 01 62, the previous pt. no.s for this unit are A 230 540 09 17, or A 230 540 14 17, or A 230...
  16. M

    CLS 219 M272 (3.5 V6 CGI) - real fuel consumption

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask the owners of MB cars equipped with the piezoelectric injectors about the real fuel consumption in and out the city. I personally owe a CLS with the 3.5 V6 CGI engine ,that runs about 15-20 mpg urban and about 25 extra urban. It wouldn't surprising if...
  17. M

    CLS 219 few boot problems

    Hiya, I have few issues regarding the boot of my CLS w219. The auto-closing button has not worked till now ,even though it was illuminated. The third brake light also stopped working recently, so I took the boot trim out to check all the wires and it happened that I found a broken one. I was...
  18. 7om

    CLS 219 AMG exhaust front section (manifolds/pre and secondary cats/resonator etc)

    Hi, I'm fitting some manifolds and having a straight through mandrel system made with x pipe etc to join where the resonator goes, so the whole front end of the system is up for grabs. Can split apart for cats or resonator etc. I'd even consider selling the whole exhaust system if there...
  19. carat 3.6

    cls 219 alloy wheels

    Anyone got a set of these for sale? Looking for the 18" versions. Please drop me a pm.:cool:
  20. KennyN

    CLS 219 jacking points ?

    As my car is now outwith its warranty period , I am anticipating having to carry out some repair work (brakes / suspension etc.) that involves lifting the car. As I am new to MB ownership I believe that there are specific jacking points under the car to allow the use of a trolley jack. In order...
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