1. S

    Noisy 240D

    I have a 1981 240TD with 120000 kms from new. It is very noisy (engine) and always has been. It has excellent compression, new injectors. Any hints on how I can reduce the noise? It is pretty sluggish (couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding actually) - any clues here? Thanks for any...
  2. trapperjohn

    Another Barn Find. 123 Estate 240D

  3. M

    Hi i'm new and looking for help with a MB100d Van

    Hi, I'm new to your site and am looking for some help with my MB100D Van! It has the OM616 2.4d motor. This van is a 1992 I have owned this van since 2007. I bought the vehicle from a german builder whilst living in Lanzarote. It was quite tatty when I bought it but in my time of ownership it...
  4. D

    w123 240D: Squeeling sound when pressing and holding clutch

    ...and the engine goes to a lower idle. When i release the clutch, the sound goes away, and engine idle is back to normal. I'v used the car daily for a while. Any ideas what this is? Thx, davelarue
  5. C

    W123 ideal tire setup on 240d?

    Hey folks my 1984 240d tire set up is the w124 intra eightbhole 15x7? Wheels with 195/65/15 tires...tires have become old and hard...I have just replaced the front suspension. I am being advised to go back to 14 by some, other who say stick to current size and some who say issue if I go to...
  6. S

    240d compression

    I have a 240d from 1982. 120k kms from new. It is low on power and my garage tells me the compression is low on three cylinders. Seems odd since I had a test 4000kms ago and it was ok. So, it could be, I guess, head gasket, valves or rings. First, am I right and second, what is the most likely...
  7. S

    timing chain stretch check 240d

    Apologies if this has been asked a million times but how do you check the timing chain stretch on this engine? If it needs changing, is it relatively easy to do using a chain and a split link? thanks
  8. R

    W123 200 / 230 / 240d

    Wanted! As close to Reading, Berkshire as poss. pm through here please!
  9. S

    240d engine noise and injection pump

    My 240d engine has done 100k kms in 30 years. The engine seems to be pretty noisy to me. I have done the valve clearances but nothing else. Injectors? Can the injectors be cleaned or only changed? All the filters are done btw. Also, there is a tinkling sound coming from the front of the engine -...
  10. R

    1983 W123 240D - preferred tyre choice.

    Hello all, me again. My recently acquired 240D needs new tyres all round. What's the preferred choice between originality, performance (not that I'll going to be going very fast in a diesel W123 :) ) and cost? Currently my tyres are so old, worn and mismatched that I haven't got a clue. I...
  11. R

    1983 W123 240D - Correct head unit & speakers.

    Hello all. As I promised last week in my introduction thread, I'm a newbie with a lot of questions regarding my first MB - a 1983 W123 240D. At present it has a Kenwood cassette HU and Kenwood speakers in the parcel shelf - and I know that's not right! As I understand it, my car should have...
  12. R

    New to MB - just bought a W123 240D

    Hello All. My name's Ray Fenwick, and I've just bought a 1983 W123 240D. I'm usually a Citroen nut (an XM, 2 CXs, and a BX) but I've always had a soft spot for old Mercs, especially a diesel, and when this one came up I couldn't resist. I need to downsize the fleet as I'm planning to...
  13. 2

    w123 240D parts

    Hello everyone l would really appreciate if you could tell me where l could purchase a bonnet for w123 l have tried eurocar parts but to no avail ? Thanks
  14. A

    Very nice W123 240D

    I really do like this. Classic Car Mercedes 240D on eBay (end time 25-Jul-10 12:24:49 BST)
  15. C

    240D Glow Plugs W114

    One of my glow plugs has died on my 240D, these are the old series wired glow plugs so when one goes they all go. I am having some trouble getting hold of a replacement quickly so i wondered if it would do any damage if I missed the dead one out when I put the wiring bars back. Anyone know if...
  16. C

    My W123 240D

    Cant remember if I have done this but this is what I purchased about 2 months ago. The guy I brought it from was a clever photographer but when I got there I fell for it. Needs bodywork looking at but nothing drastic.
  17. C

    W123 240D Can I lower this car

    Well as you can see from the title I want to know if I can lower this car?, if so its it difficult and where can I buy kits or parts. The thing is I need to replace the rear springs and looking at it I kind of like the lower rear.
  18. C

    What Engine is this? I was told 240D

    Umm, went to get new filters, glow plugs etc today but when I looked at them none of them fit. So what engine is this then?. http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/4524/cimg0005u.jpg
  19. P

    5 Speed Box into '85 W123 240D info?!

    Hi, I have an '85 W123 that was formerly a 280 fitted with an auto box. The engine has been replaced with a rebuilt 240D, running very sweetly on vegetable oil. The auto box has just expired its 'best by' date, which is a perfect time to replace it with a 5 speed manual box, giving me a totally...
  20. 230K

    240d to destruction

    Hi Some of you will like this some not but here you go, watch and weep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTdC3LC2lW0 230k
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