1. jdrrco

    Good spec W124 260E

  2. D

    W124 260E Engine Problem HELP!

    Hi All, My beloved 260E died last night and I'm trying to get the the bottom of what's wrong before I get my garage to pull the head. The car is a 1990 model with the M103 12V engine, 64000 miles only and all original. Car was running very nicely until last night, we just did 1000 mile round...
  3. F

    1989 W124 260E Car Stereo

    Anyone got an idea what was originally fitted to this model? Blaupunkt Radio Cassette? Any help appreciated. Matt
  4. Steve260E

    Tacky 260E?

    Seems to be in OK condition but I just find the whiteness and chrome a bit sickly :dk: even so £7500 I reckon would be about what you would pay for an extremely low mileage original 260E definitley not this.... Mercedes Benz 260E AMG | eBay
  5. D

    W124 mercedes 260e parts for sale job lot bargain

    Ideally selling as job lot £230 delivered to UK mainland via courier or PM me ur best offer, i don't have the time to go through each part and list otherwise i'd sell them on ebay and i would get alot more for them There is a alternator and OVP module also to go with the lot below all...
  6. D

    W124 260e parts for sale

    Hi guys I have a load of engine parts, interior trim, window regulators, mirrors, relays and switches for sale I will get a list and pictures up tonight, would prefer to sell it as one job lot bundle them up, as selling individually will take a while
  7. D

    MERCEDES-BENZ W124 260E Glasgow £2250

    MERCEDES-BENZ W124 260E Glasgow £2250 Year 1990 Mileage 144k Engine 2.6 Auto 4 speed MOT'd until April 2017 Color Smoke Sliver With much regret I am putting this lovely beast up for sale as I have lost the storage space, previously owned by a Rolls Royce engineer and kept in very good...
  8. optimusprime

    W124 260E noise on rear

    I do help on the forum as much as i can . But to-day , i am in need of a little information.If anyone can help .The weather in my area is like Spain .So to drive the car with windows on the car down .Driving along i can hear a creek from the lefthand side passengers rear suspension .I can...
  9. D

    factory fitted 260e 64k miles anybody!

  10. optimusprime

    info neede w124 260e

    Hi this is a funny one on me .Car runs very well But its like as if the timing is out , this is just as you take you foot of the gas to slow down .Only just notice it to day .Wounder if anyone else has had anything like it.Yesterday i put redx in the tank ,after i filled the tank up .I dont...
  11. D

    W124 260e breaking

    As the title says really The car has 136k on the clock and has been well maintained Highlights Alamadine red with beige cloth interior - fully working electric drivers seat It has 15 hole alloys in decent condition with very good Pirelli tyres - set of 5 complete with bolts...
  12. optimusprime

    nice one for sale ebay 260e

    Check this one out ,garage close to me ..on ebay at the moment ..
  13. optimusprime

    Oil leak 260e

    Hi back again for more information.From day one this car as had a oil leak ,along with the water ,but i may have cured the water leak .So down to the problem i need help with .This oil leak is on the passengers side under the inlet manifold .Its above the sump line and not the oil sender ,even...
  14. E

    260e 124 series, overheating

    I ask if anyone can tell me please where the small electric pump, near the water expansion tank, is supplied power from, and when the motor should run. My one doesn't seem to be running unless of course it's due to temperature control somewhere
  15. optimusprime

    W124 260e speedo repair.

    Hi this is for members who own a W124 mainly the 260E because the speedos do change from one car to another. This job i have done was to be the first job after the car i was given to me. But ended up as the last,due to the fact it was a bit of a problem getting the speedo out,so i did all the...
  16. optimusprime

    vacuum diagram m103 260e

    Just purchased this new thermovalve to replace the one on my car .Would anyone have a good vacuum lay out diagram for the m103 engine. For some reason i think the old one is pluged in wrong ,ie one connection on to the pipe of the valve is off set ,other one sits upright. If i had one i can...
  17. optimusprime

    Wanted mercedes recirculation pump 260e

    Wanted .Can anyone help. Have you one in your garage [as title] doing nothing that you can sell to me please. Leak from the bottom as took me off the road for Easter. 260e circulation pump or auxiliary heater pump .This type as the wire and plug attatched. Lots on the bay but not like mine...
  18. C

    W124 260E 88' climate control problems.

    Hi all. Maybe someone can help me with the problem I'm having as I've hit a brick wall :wallbash: I've done the test from the post on peachparts testing all the pins leading to the klima relay and everything checks out except pin 10 it gives a mere 0.3v when testing. I thought it might...
  19. fatherpierre

    Low Miles, Mintish W124 260E

    Looks very clean for its age and a decent price compared to some of the asking prices out there. Stick some period alloys on it and would look so much better. '89 Mercedes-Benz W124 260E (55k Timewarp!): £2495-Scotland | Retro Rides
  20. C

    260E W124 oil pressure problems.

    Good Day. i recently got a mercedes 260e 1988 w124 little over 350k on the clock i started by giving the engine a service replacing all the fluids and filters but a few days ago the fuel pressure gauge just stopped working so i took out the oil pressure sensor and replaced it with an oem one...
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