1. G

    1988 W124 260E Automatic Transmission Issues

    I'm a newbie here and recently acquired my first old-school Benz. It's a 1988 W124 260E and i very happy i got it. As with many pre-owned vehicles, there are usually some things that need to be fixed. For my 260E i believe the issue is the 4-speed Automatic Transmission (model 772.409)...
  2. optimusprime

    Coolant loss w124 260e

    Just wanted to let other members with the same Mercedes to look out for water loss.This was a follow up to my waterpump replacement that took a long time,over 5 weeks.Well all the coolant was put in and after some time i went out to check it to find the level in the expansion tank had...
  3. optimusprime

    m103 260e flush and fill

    Can someone please help .The best way to refill with coolant .I have replaced the pump.So realy would like some help please. After old pump removed ,i would think all the fluid was released. Would love to flush the heater core.But the drain on engine block is in such a place i am not able to...
  4. E

    124 series, 260e, 1991

    Just had air con 're gassed, but pump not working. I ask if and where a relay can be found. Bob and
  5. optimusprime

    Caliper types 260e

    Is it possible to have Lucas brake parts and Teves on my Mercedes .Like Teves calipers on the front .And Lucas on the rear or vice - versa. I am having problems purchaseing the pads for both .
  6. optimusprime

    Coolant loss 260e

    Hi .After fitting my new elbow to radiator top to stop coolant loss,i thought job done. But this is just to easy for me.Still have water leaking from bottom of engine.So to-day i removed the bottom tray to find the coolant was running down behind bottom pully .I dont think that the water...
  7. W124pilot

    I've just bought a 1988 W124!!

    Hello everyone! I have just purchased a 1988 260E :D. I'm sure I will post on here from time to time ... and I have a query already!! There appears to be a panel missing below the front bumper: It appears to protect the air conditioning cooler? Where can I source one from ... I don't even...
  8. R

    W124 260e auto, scrap or save?

    Hi, new member looking for a bit of advice about a car I have the chance of buying. Bit of an odd story, but the car has be owned from new by a bloke who lives down the street. He developed Parkinson's about nine years ago, and it finally took his life Christmas Day. Now, as it all comes out...
  9. 300CE

    1988 mercedes 260e w124 rare manual white zender kit

  10. Bosco

    260E - Driving position problem

    I just got myself a 260E and aside from a couple of little jobs required I'm delighted with it. However one unexpected problem has cropped up. I'm average height 5'10" and no matter how much adjusting I do with the seat I cannot see the upper half of the instrument panel. The speedo above about...
  11. Bosco

    260E Ethanol Conversion

    Is it possible to convert a 260E to use Ethanol? The kits are cheap enough and the installation videos make it look easy in general terms but I have never seen any specific videos for my model. TBH when I look into the engine bay I can see no connectors that look even vaguely like anything in...
  12. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 260e *29,000 genuine miles only* timewarp condition

    Mercedes W124 260e *29,000 genuine miles only* timewarp condition. | eBay
  13. gt-83

    Ke control unit (ecu) needed for 1987 260e

    I wonder if anybody may have a ke control unit for a 1987 260e the numbers i need are 0280800210 0055457132 i have a niggly problem that the ecu MAY resolve i dont want to spend a fortune on an ecu as the car runs ok with the glitch and the car only cost me the price of a new...
  14. E

    '88 W124 260E stalls when warm

    My 1988 260E runs fine when it is cold, but only after a few minutes it starts to stumble, shudder and tries to stall under load. The ABS light comes on and given all of the other posts on the subject, one would suppose that it was the OVP. I thought so as well and am now $132 poorer as it...
  15. EDZ649

    Twin Turbo 260e

    This could be fun :D 1990 MOSSELMAN TWIN TURBO MERCEDES 260E AUTO on eBay (end time 05-Sep-10 13:41:14 BST)
  16. EDZ649

    Bargain W124 260e

    1990 MERCEDES 260E AUTO SILVER on eBay (end time 27-Aug-10 20:22:48 BST)
  17. sean3513

    an unusual 1990 260e......... anyone ???

    unusual !!! 1990 MERCEDES 260 E LWB LIMOUSINE on eBay (end time 26-Apr-10 10:11:46 BST)
  18. d w124

    Carat 260E ending soon

    MERCEDES AMG CARAT DUCHATELET 260E AUTO LEATHER on eBay (end time 13-Apr-10 19:36:48 BST)
  19. jamie280e

    W124 260E - I only have one key (and if you know me thats bad!)

    Hi All, The 260e I bought a few weeks ago came with only one key. Any ideas on how to get another without involving a stealer ? Its a 1990 car so doubt it would have any chips or anything would it ? Cheers Jamie
  20. L

    W124 260E - curious misfire when warming up

    Hello chaps! My F reg 260E's occasionally experiencing a choppy idle & stuttering at low revs ten minutes or so after starting out from cold (fine higher up the rev range). I've had a search through the forum and it appears there's a few things to try - however this one's slightly different...
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