1. estate-agent

    CLK 270 CDI (silver - new mot) £2000

    Selling my faithful CLK due to upgrade. Late 2003 (53 plate) 270 CDI Elegance - Silver - Auto 131,000 miles with loads of history. Full years MOT. I have owned the car for about 2.5 years and absolutely love it. The 2.7 motor is great! for less than half the money of a 320 CDI I still...
  2. A

    Ml 270 suspension

    Hi got ml 270 163 changed top and bottom ball joints and since I have done this seems as if there is no suspension i.e I jacked up bottom ball joint it lifted ml of the axle stands as if the suspension was stuck it was fine before I done the work I have taken it all apart again jacked up the...
  3. estate-agent

    All ECU pinouts for CLK 270

    As above, anyone have a diagram of pinouts for CLK270 CDI ? Can't seem to find info anywhere ! Thanks in advance. .
  4. estate-agent

    Clk 270 cdi

    Selling my faithful CLK due to needing a SUV. Late 2003 (53 plate) 270 CDI Elegance - Silver - Auto 130,000 miles with loads of history. MOT'd 8 months. I have owned the car for about 2.5 years and absolutely love it. The 2.7 motor is great! for half the money of a 320 CDI I still...
  5. U

    2005 CLK 270 Cdi fuel issues

    Hi all, can you help. I have a low mileage CLK 270 Cdi with fsh. Had the car serviced about 3 months ago and having used the car for work (125 mile round trip) it wouldn't start, but eventually the RAC got it going. A week later same thing, but this time wouldn't start and the garage found air...
  6. B

    Owners Manual E 270 2005 Avantgarde.

    Hi looking for an owners manual for my Wifes 2.7 E Class 2005. Thanks' Bill.
  7. A

    270 clk cdi top hose

    hello fellow members I have a 55 plate cl 270 cdi & today I noticed a water lea from around the top hose near where it fits onto the radiator but I cannot see if its the rad that's leaking or the top hose, I can see the hose fits to the engine with a standard jubilee clip but at the radiator...
  8. A

    Clk 270 cdi fan change

    I have a Clk 270 cdi 55 reg & my radiator fan does not work so I have bought another fan & I am going to replace it & I was wondering what kind of job it is> Do you have to remove the front slam panel, any water hoses etc, any advice on what kind of job it is will be greatly appreciated.
  9. P

    2003 C 270 cdi

    When I press the accelerator pedal down all the way into the click down the car losses power. Falt given is accelerator positioning sensor. Please help Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  10. A

    clk 270 cd changer

    Hello does anybody know how to remove the cd changer in the glove box please? I need to remove the unit to get to the latch for the glovebox i have found 2 x torx screws on the edge of the unit & I have removed them but the unit is still tight I am thinking that there are more screws
  11. dddooommm

    MERC CLK 270 coupe White with Red Leathers. AMG extras.

    Mercedes CLK AMG White 63 black series replica coupe c class diesel SL 55 slk cl | eBay ★★★Mercedes CLK AMG Coupe White★★★ ---★Cherished★Genuine Sale★Lots of History★--- For Sale: My loved White Mercedes AMG CLK sports car coupe. It has the rare blood red leathers & has the...
  12. R

    W211 270 cdi battery warning

    In Decemmber 2016 when the temperature outside was very cold i began getting 'battery convenience functions disabled' message on instrument cluster but would go off after a whle of driving. More recently the red 'battery warning visit workshop' message came up and i left the car parked up for...
  13. S

    W211, 270 or 320 cdi?

    As the front suspension has collapsed on my beloved CLK, I am considering a W211. I reckon that a 220 will be a wee bit underpowered, so am thinking a 270 or 320 cdi, hopefully in Avantgarde trim with full leather and heated seats. Is their any problems to look for? I can afford a 2004 or 2005 car.
  14. M

    2001 163 ml 270 cdi sunroof electrics issue

    Evening all. Had my car off of the Rd for a couple of weeks over Xmas to recon the auto gearbox. I forgot to disconnect battery - this maybe just a coincidence - now all up and running the large "safari??" sunroof will not slide back?? Normally I press button on roof back once quickly and it...
  15. AndyKO

    De-cat & Muffler delete W211 270 CDI

    Anyone done the above? or have any of you had custom stainless systems made with the twin tail pipes? I'd love to know from where and see pictures please guys :thumb: for OFF ROAD use of course!
  16. th3h1ghlander

    270 CDI injector blowing after MOT

    Hi all, after picking up my W203 C270 CDI after MOT I noticed exhaust gas smell and put it down to the testing at the time. Driving the car properly for the first time since I still had the smell so I got to my destination and opened the bonnet to a very distinctive sound of "PFFT PFFT PFFT...
  17. J

    W163 Ml 270 Alternator

    I have just started having a few faults with my ML . Namely it beeps at me as soon as you turn ignition on . About 10 to 13 times and the handbrake light is on all the time ...when you try and drive it's in limp mode 2nd and reverse only and you get a constant warning beep until you stop.... now...
  18. M

    ML 270 CDI Kickdown issue - Help!!

    ML 270 CDI Strange Kickdown issue - Help!! Hello all, I need some help as I cannot understand what is going on with my 2003 Ml 270 CDI. I took the car to Mercland in Nuneaton today as I needed the MAF replaced (no kickdown and no power above 2500rpm) and at the same time the thermostat was...
  19. M

    Electric Fan Removal 2005 W163 ML 270 CDI

    Electric fan, not the viscous type. I want to replace the auxiliary drive belt, belt tensioner, and guide pulley, but all the videos are for ML's with the viscous fan. I think the electric fan and shroud will need to be removed to give enough access to these parts. I have found one...
  20. CLS-Reece

    Mercedes Cls 350CDI 270

    Hi there Has anyone here done anything with these engines, want to get abit more out of it when I get a remap done, intake system is where I'm looking into. Stuggerling to find anything online and unsure how to make my own with this silly Y peice with the AFM sensors in. Has anyone...
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