1. adile220

    w123 280e black for sale

    Hello all, Have been forced to sell a car to make room for my 124 coupe - regretfully its the 123 that has to go. A very pleasant surprise this car has been - the most comfortable car I have owned and will always have fond memories of my ownership of this car. The link below is to my gallery...
  2. adile220

    My W123 280e

    Hi All, Thought I would share some snaps of my w123 280e. I got it a few years back, and I have spent a considerable amount bringing it back up to scratch - I have posted a few photos of the body repairs carried out. Am contemplating selling it based on how my w124 coupe works out - at...
  3. Melbourne280E

    W123 280E hard to start

    Hi people, I have a W123 280E that has trouble starting. It usually takes about 6 good pumps of the pedal to get it started. Once it's running, it's fine and idles like it should. The only other things that has been happening lately is that when the tank is nearly empty it stalls often. I...
  4. K

    w123 280e Green Velour Interior

    my first post on here as ive just joined up. my dad has owned his w123 280e since 1996 it has green velour interior but the car has been standing for the past 10 years or so and now that we want to get it back on road the interior seems to be tearing/ripping everytime we touch it. where...
  5. S

    W123 280e breaking

    As above decided to break one of my W123 models its a 280e model 1982 all parts available mail or call / text 07734858970
  6. Ian B Walker

    W124 280E breaking

    I am breaking an N reg W124 280E. Lots of bits going if anyone is interested, including a wiring loom that is less than 12 months old. Also a rebuilt ECU that is still under warranty. I am looking for £375 for the loom and £150 for the ECU. Engine and gearbox are also in very good condition...
  7. PJH

    W124 - 280e

    1993, Nautic Blue, auto [4], cloth interior, after market air-con. MOT & Tax March 2013. Scorpion alarm & remote locking. 163,000 miles but 13,000 on re-con engine. Usual rusty bits for a W124 of this age. Needs a new aerial. Don't use it much any more and it's taking up space. Road tax is...
  8. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz 280E lowrider / Air ride

    Mercedes Benz 280E lowrider / Air ride | eBay
  9. D

    1993 Mercedes 280e w124 (e280) spares or repair, AUTO, SILVER, VELOUR INTERIOR

    On ebay 1993 Mercedes 280e w124 (e280) spares or repair, AUTO, SILVER, VELOUR INTERIOR | eBay Might be very useful for anybody wanting a rare interior/wings/engine bay bits
  10. L

    W123 280e Running Rich - Help!

    Hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and have recently purchased a lovely 1982 280e. Great car and been reliable so far. It was in storage for many years and is now being pressed into use as my daily driver. There is a longish list of issues which over time should be easy to sort out but one...
  11. JcMercZ

    280e M110 engine (W114)

    Am looking for M110 280 engine in good working condition
  12. D

    For Sale: W123 280E / 280CE / 280TE Chrome cowl

    I've got two sets of chrome cowls found typically on high-end W123's. If interested, please contact me direct by PM. thanks
  13. Niks

    London to Sydney 1977 - Mercedes 280E

    During my trip to the Mercedes Benz Musuem in Stuttgart, I came across a particular 280E (33) which caught my attention. I had no clue about the history of this car, or why it was even there and passed it off as "another on display". Couple of days ago during a random search on the internet...
  14. D

    Breaking Mercedes 280e W123 saloon - Coventry!

    Hello all, I'm going to start breaking this beast this weekend - Let me know if you want any parts. The engine, wheels and hub caps are already spoken for but everything else is available. The car is just running out of MOT and Tax so everything mechanical is in good order but all the panels...
  15. EDZ649

    Bargain 280e

    This sounds like it could be a bargain for any wannabe 124 owner.... 1993 MERCEDES 280 E AUTO BLUE on eBay (end time 29-Mar-11 20:04:21 BST)
  16. N

    280e w123

    hi all , Im new to this forum.and im in the market for a 280e w123 saloon.will be used mainly for the summer and nice days.im not looking for a concourse car just a nice presentable car that i can spend my spare time cleaning up and mildly restore. if any one could point me in the right...
  17. jwasnewski

    280E Body Kit

    What are the chances of a 280E body kt existing there that--- I can purchase. That it will be shipped after payment. And I suspect I will need to change from US spec bumpers to Euro bumpers, eh? Sorry, I cannot determine how to twist that avitar 90 degrees using my BlackBerry. Thank...
  18. P

    My 76 280E

    Just a quickie of my car.
  19. jdrrco

    Nice looking 280E W123

    Mercedes 280 E W123 for sale, classic cars for sale uk (Car: 104518) Good spec: elec windows, sunroof, cruise, aircon etc etc. Looks like a lot of car for £2,250.

    Mercedes-benz 280e w123!

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