1. Screwdriver

    WTB: W115 300 Diesel RHD w/ AC (Finder's fee offered)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a W115 /8 300D with A/C. Must be a rust free, pristine example. I will have the car examined by my MB specialist prior to purchase so the owner must be okay with this. I will pay a 5% of the agreed upon final agreed upon value as a finders fee once complete...
  2. kylezx7r

    2010 ML 300 sport 45,000 miles FOR SALE £18,600

    I it wouldn't let me post in the for sale section so maybe admin could move it to the right place please . Mercedes ML 300 Sport 2010 (60 plate) Low mileage 44,576 I have owned it since June 2014 and its the best car ive had, Genuine reason for sale just ask The colour is Iridium Silver...
  3. I

    92 300 td Light Ivory

    1992 MERCEDES 300 TD AUTO CREAM | eBay Odd thing this: Brazil? cloth for that year, ortho seats, elec adjustable though needing a switch, air con, good bolster under the bin liner. reinforced roof if the strips are genuine. Good miles. I think I'll have a little bid. Any one seen...
  4. C

    Mercedes C220 vs 250 vs 300 vs Lexus IS300h

    Hi All this is my first post, my car was recently written off and looking to jump into something new. I am ideally looking to lease for 2 years and then see after that. Originally I test drove the C250 which was great, quick, lot of fun, then drove the Lexus IS300h which is a totally...
  5. I

    1982 300 SD 1500 original miles

    Mercedes Benz s Class 4 Door Sedan | eBay Just look how this thing was built, those were the days. What'll it make?
  6. D

    w112 300 se convertible floor shift prototype

    it is claimed this car was rhd in the process of being converted into lhd included in the sale a coupe which parts can be used to change the car into rhd again, and restore, i doubt the rhd car come with papers or engine inside. it might be good project for somebody to restore the 2 into one...
  7. stwat

    1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 - Jay Leno's Garage

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct-KlbvGXgo&feature=em-uploademail [YOUTUBE HD]v=Ct-KlbvGX[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. D

    very very very rare 300 right hand drive 4 door convertible being restored

    1953 Mercedes 300 Convertible Ultimate Classic Car Investment RHD VERY RARE | eBay
  9. D

    ultra rare w123 300 td automatic aircon and leather interior

    good donor or resotration example W123 300 TD mercedes estate | eBay
  10. T

    w124 300 4matic front springs NEEDED!!

    Hey there, i need the front right spring for a 1988 w124 300 4matic :) i cant find these anywhere so hope someone here can help me
  11. A

    Brabus D5 for sale CDI 280 300 engines 5 cylinder

    Brabus D5 (iii) Tuning Chip Mercedes ML GL G C E R 280 300 CDI diesel remap | eBay for sale on eBay looks like a bargain
  12. C

    Ml 300 /320/350 help

    Hi all,, me and the Mrs are on the lookout for a 4x4. Never really looked at the mercs but after seeing a grand edition Ive tried to find out more about them in general. Looking in AT etc there's loads of different engines but not sure of the pros and cons. Ive spent last night searching...
  13. Skhan

    Mercedes 300 SL R129

    91 H reg. Mot till May. 107k. Has quite a few service/maintenance receipts from over the years. Slight bubbling on front wings. The rest of the car is in excellent condition. Roof isn't working although the light flashes when pressed £2000
  14. Palfrem

    AMG bodykitted 300 CE

    1993 K MERCEDES 300 CE COUPE AUTO W124 AMG EXTRAS RARE CLASSIC | eBay Who was after an AMG bodykit?
  15. shaze30

    My mercs 87' SL 300 95' SL500 98' C43 AMG

    Hi guys just joined Been in the bmw game for a long time but always loved mercs I will upload some pics of mine and my dads mercedes collection
  16. D

    1957 sls off old 300 sl for sale more expensive than current sls models??!!

    1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL | eBay
  17. E

    Towing with ML 300

    Hi 2nd post since joining. After picking up my new Ml last week, I managed to have a quick chat with one of the mechanics walking through the carpark. I asked him if there was anything I needed to know about fitting a towbar and towing with the vehicle? He said he had Ml and towed a caravan...
  18. D

    w124 300 ce with kit alloys and steering wheel

    Mercedes 300ce AMG coupe classic retro barn find spares repair restoration | eBay
  19. D

    can somebody tell what engine is installed in this w129 300 sl

    the chassis no is WDB1290602F045501 owner claim it is 24v although the badge at boot is ordinary 300 sl not the 300 sl 24v pls can somebody confirm as he is not prepared to email pics of engine top!!:wallbash: better still full blown instruction how we can do a self search
  20. michaelk3289

    Nice 300 sel project for someone

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