1. Palfrem

    Oily matters G 300

    Long shot. Not long after I had my 1994 G 300 petrol, it was dripping oil on my drive. A new head gasket was fitted and the dripping abated. A bit. However. 12 months later. It still deposits oil drips. Not a lot but enough to annoy. It has 5w 40 oil in it - as per modern MB...
  2. J

    Mercedes Benz Avantgarde E Class W211 2004 - 107,300 miles

    Metallic Silver, Top of the range 4 Door Avantgarde Saloon, Diesel, 5 speed Automatic Transmission. 4 previous owners from new, only covered 107,300 miles, virtually Full service history with book pack from new. Drives without fault. Front and Rear Electric Windows, Auto electric folding...
  3. WDB124066

    300 te

    Mercedes-Benz Other 300TE 1991 | Trade Me I like the look of the vent surrounds, anybody got these on theirs...?
  4. D

    ultra rare mercedes 300 sel 6.3 pullman engine lhd for restoration

    Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 W109 | eBay
  5. D

    300 sel restoration for the brave with private plate to boot

    Mercedes 300 SEL Gold Petrol 2778 cc Restoration or Spares 1968 | eBay
  6. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 1954

    Another treasure in New Zealand... Mercedes-Benz 300 1954 | Trade Me
  7. F

    1 of 29 Mercedes 300 SL Alloy Gullwing

  8. S

    300 Turbo Diesel W124 conversion

    I have just picked up a W210 300 turbo diesel saloon with 150k on the clock with a view to using all the good stuff to convert a W124 to turbo diesel. Other than the engine, transmission and rear diff, what else do I need to remove from the w210 - which incidentally, is rust free.
  9. P

    E class 300 Bluetec hybrid se advice

    Hi guys, I'm searching for a new family car that can accommodate one toddler seat and two booster seats on the back row and is not an MPV. I've tried the combination in the back of a friend's E-class estate and it fits perfectly! Yay! I found a 13 reg E class 300 bluetec with 70000 miles, but...
  10. ianchips

    C 300 Hybrid B1 service

    Hi, can anyone confirm the usual cost of a B1 service for this model ? Thank you
  11. fabes

    Barry boy'd 300

    Oh dear...... http://www.barryboys.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=41108
  12. W

    300 ce w124 fuel pump replacement

    Hi all, First time caller, long time listener... 6 months ago bought a 300ce w124 from '91. I've had various bits done on it at the garage, as would be expected for 142000 miles: head gasket, radiator. The fuel pump has been whining for a while, and she's become a bit reticent to start...
  13. Jay2512

    300 Petrol unit

    Can anyone offer advice on the new 2.0l 241bhp turbo unit fitted to the 300 badged cars? Due to start a new job which is within 3 miles of the house and I'm considering dropping the diesel GLC. Tried watching reviews of You Tube but all Americans talking trash
  14. M

    2017 Mercedes GLC 350d, 300, 350e, 4MATIC Coupe Drive and Interior - Video

    2017 Mercedes GLC 350d, 300, 350e, 4MATIC Coupe Drive and Interior 8M7fZ1PBbt0
  15. F

    Ralph Lauren Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

  16. S

    Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124

    Dear mates, My Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124 is starting from the 2. gear If I draw it to the 1. gear manualy it starts from the 1. gear . If I kick down it shifts down to the first gear. but on a normal smoooth driving startas with the secund gear. new gear oil and filter is replaced and...
  17. S

    129 300 sl electrical problem

    Hi, trying to put a 1991 300 sl back on the road that has been stood for 2 years.working through various electrical faults and i cannot get the rear lights or the brake lights to work.I have changed fuses but still nothing Is there a relay on this model that controls the rear lights and...
  18. MD5

    '53 Mercedes 300 convertible (minus the Galaxy!)

    Another one I can't afford! I'd love one though.
  19. M

    R129 300 SL-24 Electric Seat Wiring Diagram

    Evening all, just picked up my new 1991 300 SL-24. It comes complete with its fair share of problems and i (my father) is working his way through them. I was hoping that i might be able to locate a wiring diagram for the electric seats but i have so far failed. I need one for the 1991...
  20. D

    mercedes w123 300 td with roof boxes

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 300TD Diesel Estate W123 Beautiful Example | eBay
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