1. D

    Exhaust Options R129SL 300 24V engine

    Hi all, I'm planning on booking my R129 SL for a full stainless steel system, however I was wondering if anyone has done the same to their 300 24v engine? I'm planning on removing one silencer (As it has 3) and undecided about removing/keeping the resonator. The plan is to have the car...
  2. D

    300 SL Gullwing - free ebook.

    Hi Guys, Stumbled across this really cool free ebook for iPad on iTunes about the 300 SL Gullwing. Videos/galleries and lot's of other stuff. Thought it was worth sharing. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/classic-car-icons-mercedes/id694630248?mt=11&uo=4 Cheers David
  3. Dream Works

    ML 300 remap

    Hi, just about to take delivery of a 10 plate ML 300 to compliment the CLS, I am looking to have it remapped as the CLS is such a better car after the map. Apparently it has a Tri-core ECU .? Anyone had a remap done, if so please share your experience and who did it good or bad Many...
  4. G

    misfire at 300 revs when doing 70mph

    I have found that my 54 plate CLK 240 auto will drive over 3000 revs through the range at normal speeds, but when driving on the motorway at 70 mph plus and hitting 3000revs the eml light comes on and the car drives like a 'bag of spanners' if I stop the engine and then restart the car again the...
  5. I

    LPG M103 300 SEL MPG figures

    Hi All, I bought a 1990 300SEL recently and I've just got round to checking the LPG mileage. It returned around 19 mpg on gas. It's the first 12v M103 I've had and I have to say it's a really obliging motor and the ride seems better balanced in the long version rather than the SE...
  6. Piff

    Snetterton 300 Circuit

    Off to Snetterton on Monday for Truck Racing. Haven't been to Snetterton since they changed the circuit. Anyone have any recommendations of where to view the racing from?
  7. bobven

    New Mercedes E 300 - Exclusive Shots

  8. G

    E 300 paint code location

    Hi I have a 1997 E300 , it is maroon with darker maroon bumpers I am trying to locate the colour code , does anyone know where it is located ?
  9. K

    dension gateway 300 and a R230 (05)

    is the Dension gateway 300 compatible to the comand system in my 05 SL350 (R230)? Any info asap as I've seen one very cheap, thanks
  10. N

    1990 300 ce-24

    Looks like a good car. Too much blue for me. W124 Mercedes Benz 300 CE-24 History MoT Tax 80+ Photographs E 320 230 Coupe | eBay
  11. s500colin

    Mercedes 300 SE Auto not E bay but

    Eddisons online Auction Mercedes 300 SE Auto 4dr Saloon, petrol, 2962cc; blue; Registration: F300 WOV; Date of Registration: 01 August 1988; Odometer: 102434; Tax: expired; MOT: 11 March 2014 Eddisons Lot Details: Mercedes 300 SE Auto 4dr Saloon, petrol, 2962cc; blue; Registration: F300 WOV...
  12. alanuk400

    I do like this colour,Mercedes 300 SL 1990 with Hard top

    Mercedes 300 SL 1990, Good condition Hard top | eBay Alan
  13. T

    Sl 300 R107 Belt

    Hi all, the serpentine belt on my 89 SL300 shreaded the other day on the M20 leaving me stranded! Can anyone recommend a good supplier where I can get one? If there's anyone who can clarify the part number as I really dont want ot order the wrong one! ps the car has aircon. Second question, re...
  14. J

    turbo technics,hughes twin turbo kit 300 24

    Just recently been informed of the existance of these and looking for more power in my r129 300 24. Any body got one they would be willing to part with?
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes bringing 1955 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe & SLS AMG GT to Goodwood

    Mercedes-Benz bringing 1955 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe and SLS AMG GT to Goodwood Created 58 years apart, two very special, aluminium-bodied, rear wheel drive Mercedes-Benz took to the Goodwood Hill today as the 2013 Festival of Speed was launched. The mighty 300 SLR “Uhlenhaut” Coupé, built in...
  16. S

    w210 300 TD wont start

    Hi just joined the club and I have a problem already My 300td wont start it turns over and almost fires up but then dies Lots of white smoke from the exhaust I managed to get it to tick over for a miniute or to but it was strugggling at about 500 revs The car has been standing for a few...
  17. 300CE

    Mercedes 300 ce coupe 1989 auto black same owner from 1990 non starter

  18. danandgerry

    Off side front lamp for 91 300 ce 24

    Somebody fitted left hand drive off side lamp, need right hand drive one,anybody got one for sale.take both sides if reasonable price.
  19. WDB124066

    Mercedes-Benz 300 300SE LOW KMS 1989

    Isn't this just crying out for a couple of turbo's. Love the interior... Mercedes-Benz 300 300SE LOW KMS 1989 | Trade Me
  20. danandgerry

    300 ce 24v starts/stops

    Having trouble with the old girl,she starts runs for a while then stops leave her for an hour or two starts agian after a while stops agian,my mech is baffled
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