1. C

    1993 300 SL Wheels

    Treated myself to a 1993 300 SL convertible (with a hard-top). Wasn't really looking but caught my eye and the price was right! It's in fair condition, no significant rust but has some foul looking after market wheels on. So the wheels must go, and I'd like to replace with Mercedes wheels...
  2. kylezx7r

    ML 300 service

    I guys I have a 2010 ML 300 W164 and the B service was due. After speaking to MB who wanted to charge me£1159 for the service I decided to take it to an indie who advertised themselves as a mercedes specialist (no names will be mentioned) They charged me £458 for the B service which included...
  3. kylezx7r

    ML 300 vs ML 350

    An anyone tell me what the difference is between the ML 300 and the ML350 I'm led to believe they are just mapped differently?
  4. kylezx7r

    mercedes ML 300 Ignition Issue?

    Hi Guys, first time posting on a forum so be gentle. I have a 2010 mercedes ML 300 Sport (W164) and on the odd occasion when you turn the key nothing happens, nothing lights up and the engine wont turn over. This may last around 10 - 20 seconds or so then the car will start and it will be fine...
  5. D

    w112 300 se convertible

    1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE convertible | eBay
  6. N

    Just agreed to buy a 10 plate ML 300 Blue Eff - any advice gratefully received!

    So today I pulled the trigger and paid a deposit on a 2010 ML300 which I have not even seen and is over 200 miles away from me! Yes I am probably bonkers but having bought my last 3 cars without seeing them I hope I won't be disappointed when I go and collect it (possibly this weekend) but I...
  7. D

    W123 300 emmissions tips?

    Hi there, MOT time again and I was wondering what tips you all have to get smoke levels down. After fixing all the issues from the first MOT it missed the retest cut off and so 140 miles later failed its second full test on emmissions. It failed at 4.93 M -1 with 3.00 M -1 being the...
  8. Abb

    300 SL Gullwing.....not quite

    Albeit its not the real thing, you have to admire the work that gone into it. Mercedes 300 SLR Gullwing Full Scale Metal Art Productions Scrap Parts Sculpture | eBay
  9. ricky300ce

    Mercedes 300 ce 24 valve

    Re post yesterday I have also noticed that when I turn ignition on there is no noise if the pumps priming.... Any ideas what this cold be Thanks ha
  10. ricky300ce

    300 ce 14 valve

    Changed fuel pump started up and ran fine noticed a small petrol leak so tightened up pump & spanner touched 2 terminals and arked now car won't start !!!! Is there fuses in the boot if so does anybody know where they are or could it be a relay ??? Any help appreciated. Thanks sorry it's a 24...
  11. D

    W124 300 12v Starting Problems

    Hi, Wondering if you could give possible solutions for a problem I have The car won't start but it has a good ignition spark, I can hear the fuel pump working and have pressurised fuel either side of the fuel distributor (inlet and return) however no fuel to the injector when cranking over...
  12. D

    C124 300 Sportline 'Equivalent' springs and shocks?

    As I'm probably now going to keep my 300CE I'm considering changing the suspension set-up. It's currently on (new) standard springs and shocks. I've only driven it twice since completing the restoration. However, after a bit of a drive yesterday on winding country roads, I'm not sure I like...
  13. R

    E 300 td diesel knock

    1998 R reg 300 turbo diesel, 47000 genuine miles, FMBSH. replaced the 6 glow plugs because of bad starting (number 6 glow plug faulty) and now starts just fine. What i have notice is that it has developed what sounds like a diesel knock, this seemed to have coincided with replacing the glow...
  14. jamesfuller

    W124 300 Turbo Diesel!!!

  15. D

    sl 300 locks dont flash.....

    hi guys....havnt used the sl since November,went to start it yesterday and the battery was flat,charged the battery,starts ok but no flashing locks ,works ok with key, ive ordered new batteries for the keys....I don't have any manuals....is there a sequence to go through to reprogramme...
  16. S

    Mercedes W123 300 diesel (non turbo)

    As the title says i have a 300 diesel saloon w123 for sale. The car starts and drives very well. Automatic Finished in signal red non metalic. Car has just passed its MOT a couple of weeks ago Car has covered 204,000 mls so is about run in. Starts on the button. 4 x electric windows and...
  17. boomtings

    300 24v turbo technics breather , crankcase ventalation

    Hi all. The breather setup in my m104 3.0 estate is looking old, pipes are aged and the mio filter is also not looking in good condition. I've found a thread on a Audi forum about their breather setup and was thinking of using their one way valve and pcv valve to rebuild my system...
  18. streethawk

    ce 300 intermittent running

    Hi guys need help. My mate has a 1990 _91 ce300 which runs fine for 10mins then cuts out and won't start for an hour then same again. Cps?
  19. N

    ML 300 Remap

    Hi First post so be gentle.... I just picked up an ML 300CDI 190 BHP for the Mrs mainly but was wondering if anyone could recommend a remap centre around Leeds/Yorkshire. Any advice also on what type of mapping, e.g. inline chip or ecu remap. Also warranty impact. I have bought from Mercedes...
  20. Roderick Plinge

    W124 300 Diesel estate....worth a punt?

    Morning all, a long time since my last post and the scrapping of my beloved but bedraggled 420se! Since then I've purchased a 1990 W124 260e saloon in black with only one owner and 50k on the clock, and a 190 1.8 manual in white with only 98k on the clock. I'm now purchasing a 1992 300 diesel...
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