1. grumpyoldgit

    Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines.

    Another cash cow? Beware if using this stretch of motorway. M6 speed restrictions between junctions 10a & 13. Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines - but hundreds let off because of broken cameras « Express & Star
  2. I

    M6 upgrade 50mph limit

    I appreciate I'm probably the dullest person on the forum for suggesting it but I very nearly got the magic 50mpg for the stretch of M6 50mph limit jct 10-13ish. It would be interesting to see what others get for that consistent stretch. That's a lardy 07 221, surely I'll see some magical...
  3. M

    Are some people incapable of dealing with 50mph limits in narrow lanes?

    I live in Camberley and enter the London bound M3 at J3. Due to road widening schemes its 50mph average speed checks all the way to J2 which is the M25 junction. This week and last week I have seen the recent aftermath of 2 incidents involving multiple vehicles. The one last night had all 3...
  4. Welby

    W211 E320 CDI Sport 2007 vibration above 50mph

    Hi all Looking for some advise on this one please? Had sticking calipers on the rear, sorted that, replaced the disks (Pagid), handbrake shoes, new pads. Also had new tyres on the rear, Accelera's, the choice of the garage as his view no tyre lasts longer than any other on Mercs. When...
  5. Donza

    Spain Speed Limit reduced to 50MPH.

    "Every time we lift our feet off the accelerator, we are improving GDP and employment," Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian told parliament as he outlined the 31 measures. "The era of cheap energy has passed." http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/2008072...s-9eb7866.html Is the country really that hard...
  6. F

    Rough ride from 50MPH plus

    Need bit of advise please for a friend of mine. He has a 16 month 3 series BMW saloon (vehicle has done over 6000 miles and still has warranty remaining). One of his rear alloys wheels (passenger side) was refurbished and the bodyshop claim to have just to have deflated the tyre and...
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