1. chriswt

    Weather report for Essex (Colchester A12 area)

    I'm off to Colchester today but could do with a 'live' weather report before I set out. Its a meal out with a load of couples and screaming children so I could do with an excuse not to go but if the weather is ok I can't really use the snow excuse. Route: M25 J23 to 28, A12, Colchester...
  2. @MARK

    Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12

    I am lost for words on this one BBC News - Two hurt by concrete dropped from bridges over A12
  3. C

    Ace Cafe A12 Essex

    Has anyone been here ?, they hold various car meets I am told once a month anyone been to them ?:)
  4. C

    A12 today, disappointed and embarassed!!

    Travelling up A12 today and having fun with a 5 series trying to keep up and we run into the usual traffic jam in the 2 lane section before you get to Marks Tey turn off. Long line of lorries overtaking each other at 55 to 60 all the way up the hills, no problem there but the second car ahead of...
  5. NewMB

    A12 Death Crash today

    This happened around the corner from us..... poor people. Feel sorry for the family who lost a loved one. http://www.eveningstar.co.uk/content/eveningstar/news/story.aspx?brand=ESTOnline&category=news&tBrand=ESTOnline&tCategory=News&itemid=IPED30%20Jan%202009%2020%3A37%3A28%3A580
  6. N

    A12 at Kelvedon

    Hello all I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the police van parked up on a bridge just passed the kelvedon junction is for my first thought is that it is an ANPR van cos it dos'nt have the usal markings of a speed camera van and also on the essex police web site it is not listed as a...
  7. S

    Unmarked Police car on A12

    ....just a heads-up to everyone : I saw a black Mondeo estate near the Silver End area of the A12 yesterday afternoon. Totally unmarked until the blue lights started flashing in the rear window :mad: . Seems it chooses a target, follows them for a while then overtakes - Once infront of said...
  8. Harry

    Capita Simmonds Mobile Cameras - A12

    Dont know if many of you use the A12 but i do and have recently noticed a cheeky chappy parked just on a slip road off the A12 around Witham/Kelvedon. There is one North & South Bound. Does anyone know if these are speed camera's as the company is a traffic surveillance company. I'm just...
  9. Tan

    A12 Speed Cameras

    New "undercover" Speed Cameras which were introduced a few weeks ago on the A12 are going 'live' on Monday! We have had a tip-off from the BTST Locator update team that small 'specs' cameras have been sited both north and south of the Blackwall tunnel on the A12 in London. The cameras have...
  10. L

    A12 Kelvedon OverPass ! Safety Camera

    I am sure that some of you have seen and heard about the A12 safety camera site, near Kelvedon in Essex. Well, I have now heard about this site and seen it, in action. The site is located on an overpass, and a famous Safety Camera Van is allowed to park there and do its business. The other day...
  11. PJH

    New Speed Camera - A12 Essex

    There will be a new speed camera on the A12 Kelvedon bypass within the next few weeks. Don't know what sort yet, but apparantly it will be mounted on a bridge.
  12. D

    A12 Chelmsford 30/11/04 1pm ish

    A12 Chelmsford 30/10/04 1pm ish Mr Plod had hidden his car at the far end of a line of cars in a layby. He was resting his handheld detector on the roof of his vehicle while everybody zips by. I spotted him (rather his car) from 100mtr + and took my foot off the accelerator - no sharp braking...
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