1. tommerc49

    Need a new car for the Mrs (poss A150?) - seeking advice

    Afternoon, My Mrs has a 2 year old Toyota Aygo - it's a great car but she's paying well over the odds for it (it's leased through the NHS) so she's now looking for a new (used) car. Whilst the Aygo has been great, she wants something slightly bigger. I've shown her several makes and models...
  2. gIzzE

    2007 A150 Avantgarde - 42k miles - FSH

    As the title says really, my Mum is selling her 2007 A150. It is the Avantgarde model line which seems to be quite rare on these looking around. The car has covered 42k miles. FSH. Drives really, really nicely, no knocks or clunks, feels very new still. These are the pictures from...
  3. C240Sport97

    A150 Classic Manual - 2005 (05 reg)

    Belongs to my godson (he is the second owner), who has had it 1 year. He bought it because his job required a car to travel to customers. That job has changed, and he no longer needs, wants or is interested in having a car .. the youth of today! I drove it for about 230 miles last week for...
  4. T

    W169 (A150) engine revs 'bouncing / pulsing'

    Hi I can't use the forum search function on my phone for some reason as it keeps disappearing so I'm not sure if this has been answered before. Basically our A150 seems to pulse or bounce at any of the rev ranges. It happens every couple of seconds and is most noticeable when maintaining a...
  5. T

    Small misfire when warm W169 A150

    Hi My wife's A150 has a very small misfire, or more like an intermittent judder (very small) when the engine is warmed up. You can only really feel it when sat in traffic or when cruising at a constant speed. The rev counter doesn't even dip when it occurs but it is just noticeable. We still...
  6. S

    Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2005 W169 A150 jacking pad

    Does anyone know where to find a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2005 W169 A150 jacking pad?
  7. G

    a150 (w169)parcel shelf

    i have recently sourced a parcel shelf for my 2005 plate a150.it will not retract and im not sure if it can be opened to retension it.cant see any screws just rivets.can anyone help me with this.it would be much appreciated.
  8. O

    steering rack failure A150

    Car has a knocking coming from the nsf, noticeable on poor road surfaces. Was taken to local indie who advised spring was broken which was duly replaced however the knocking still exists... Took it back to the garage who had a look over all suspension components which were found to be sound...
  9. toolman1954

    A150 data card

    Hi Folks, My O/H has just bought herself a little 2007 A150 with 53000 on the clock. I have been trying to get the Data Card details off of the Russian site, but without success. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to get the info for me please. Vin is WDD1690312J449506...
  10. G

    A class misfire a150

    Hi all, having trouble with a class (w169 2005 a150 petrol) stalling at lights and bad misfire . Scanner said map sensor high pressure. New sensor no joy. Cleaned throttle body , new plugs ( one cylinder running rich). Better but not quite right, still not smooth but no engine warning light and...
  11. I

    A150 Handbook and SatNav

    I hope someone can help me, I have A150 2009 that came with a owners manual in German. I am looking for one in English or a soft copy. Anyone have one. Also need help with how to use theonline SatNav. I press the NAVI button, screen shows a compass and 3 options at the bottom of screen...
  12. S

    New to Merc World

    Hello, I have recently bought a A150 Avantgarde 2007 model and having done 31300 on the odo. Was out in the market looking for a Honda and was swayed into buying this one instead by a friend. He got bowled over with the drive who currently drives a 1999 Honda City, and could not resist the...
  13. C

    A150 Avantgarde SE Class for sale (2009)

    I've advertised my A class in Autotrader. Hopefully someone on here will take a shine to it. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201404012988384/sort/atcustom/postcode/hd95jx/radius/1/make/MERCEDES-BENZ/price-from/500/page/1/usedcars
  14. sssammm

    A150 question

    My cousin is picking up a low milage A150 SE 2007, would anyone know if it has an aux plug socket, or mp3 player facility? ta sam
  15. O

    A150 Brakes Squeak

    Hi all. Was driving round the M25 to work the other day and noticed that when the wheels were straight, my off side front brakes were squeaking... At least I think it was the brakes. However, it stopped whenever a small amount of lock was applied on the steering. I got the front pads changed a...
  16. D

    A150 Blower not working

    Hi all, New to this forum, I hope that someone can help me. My other half owns a Mercedes A150 year of registration 2005. For several months she had a problem with the blower only working on the highest speed. After a bit of research on the net It appeared that the problem is likely to...
  17. S

    A150 Window Switch Fault?!!

    Hi all, I have a mercedes A150... all window switches are fine except the front drivers side window.. the window goes down fine.. if i tap the switch it will go down on its own as it should. when i want it to go back up, if i tap the switch it no longer goes back up on its own... if i hold...
  18. I

    A150 Steering problem?

    After some advice please. Our 2007 A150 seems to have developed a steering fault. After a run especially in the hot weather there is a funny feeling and fizzing noise through the steering wheel. I know the pump is electric, but I presume there is still hydraulic fluid in there? Does anyone know...
  19. A

    does anyone have a spare A150 badge or the 'A' and the '5'

    Hello Wanted the A and the 5 from an A150 badge for a collegue at work who has had hers removed (only actually need the A and 5) used or not would be fine I could use some 3m tape. Thanks
  20. B

    Should I buy a 2006 A Class A150?

    After some advice, my other half's Seat Ibiza is pretty knackered (it is a hateful thing!) and we have been offered a 2006 A150 Classic for a really good price and I don't know a lot about it, except that I love my C270cdi so would welcome another MB in the family. Anyone got any opinions on...
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