1. S

    Mercedes A180 - W176 Sat Nav

    Hi, Can i upgrade my GPS in my Mercedes Benz A180 Year 2013.
  2. L

    For sale 2011 W169 A180 Avangarde

    My wife is due to pick up a new GLA on 1st. Sept which means that her 2011 W169 A 180 is up for sale One previous owner (MB) with 31k miles in silver with black. Petrol Automatic Avangarde spec with alloys We purchased the car in 2012 and has full service history MB. In totally mint...
  3. cooks


    Can anyone give any advice on the Garmin SAT Nav SD Card for the A180.. Its Rather steep at the Dealers.
  4. I

    A180 (2ltr cdi) whistle

    Just found out that If I put car in manual mode I get whistle from engine as I change gear I'm thinking its turbo whistle. Any thoughts what would cause this It not apparent in auto but I'm probably getting the rev's higher.
  5. S


    SWMBO is beginning to look for a replacement for her ageing but utterly reliable Rav4. Recently we've looked at A4, 320d and A3 and A180. All auto. All around 2014. Drove the first 3 and the best of these was the beemer, the MB wasn't available to drive. Any A180 owners out there with...
  6. M


    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3400 Mercedes A180 CDI Sport BlueEfficiency Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 10th September 2013 – 63 Reg • One Owner From New • 29,280 miles only with Full Service History (see below) • 1.8 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine •...
  7. M

    2013 A180 (Blueefficiency Se) Inoperative / Safe Functions Limited?

    Hello, Hoping someone here can help me on a problem I'm encountering on my car that I purchased around 3 months ago.. "Inoperative See Owner's Manual" "PRE-SAFE Functions limited See Owner's Manual" I've looked through the manual and can't find anything that rectifies this.. I...
  8. L

    The A180 CDi

    I had one of these today as a courtesy car whilst the S204 was being serviced. I was interested to try it as I've not driven any of the current range of A Class before, so took a bit of a circuitous route home. It was fitted with the Renault developed diesel which, again, I was interested to try...
  9. B

    W169 A180 Blowing Noise from Engine bay

    Hi all again. Beginning to doubt MB's quality. I took my wife's son to Gatwick before Christmas and had to stop off in Fareham on the way which is about 40 miles from where we live. As we went into a car park in Fareham, on the way up the serpentine ramp, (I had the window down as I had just...
  10. B

    2006 A180 (W169) CDI Windscreen Washer Problem

    Hi to all, My wife and I have recently purchased the above vehicle for her. It was an indulgent purchase and had a couple of known faults - Louvred sunroof not opening, Rear door lock not opening from inside and front passenger door lock 'bouncing' - both locks replaced by used car dealer. I...
  11. po55kit

    USB audio on A180: keeps skipping tracks!

    Ayup. I have recently taken delivery of a new A180, a great car all round, but the aforementioned does annoy me. I have a long playlist of tracks on a USB stick which is plugged in beneath the centre armrest. Occasionally, when a new track comes on, it will skip it immediately and move...
  12. S

    A180 2008 Diesel

    Timing belt or timing chain fitted to this model?
  13. M

    W169 - A180 Location of Timing Chain Tensioner

    Hi there, I'm new to the Mercedes A180 - W169 - 2006. It's my wife's car and it rattles like mad at low revs. I've changed the Poly Belt and some pulleys but that's not stopped the noise I've been told that it could well be the Timing Chain Tensioner but I can't see where it is located and I...
  14. M

    new style 2013 a180

    does anyone here know to any body panels for the new shape a180 need front drivers door and drivers side rear door. or anyone know to a breaker of newer mercedes vehicles. Thanks in advance
  15. M

    2013 a180 offside doors

    front and rear door needed for a 2013 a180
  16. 24karrat

    A180 CDI AMG sport

    Needed something reliable & good on MPG, in the end i opted for a A180 CDI AMG sport in Mountain Grey with with front heated seats, intel lights package, night package, Manual 6 speed, dynamic handling package. Still have the 560 SEL of course
  17. A

    A180 AMG Sport Comand Online

    Hiya, I'm having real trouble today after taking delivery of my new car. I can't seem to access comand online via my iPhone 5s. I am reading conflicting reports that the system doesn't even support iPhone others say it does. How do you hook up the phone so you actually are able to use the screen...
  18. W

    W169 A180 Roof bars and box

    Hi All, I'm looking to install roof racks with box on my A180 5 door. Could anyone help me with advice which one on the market will fit, or maybe someone has got a set which is not in use and want to sell it. I would like a genuine MB but unfortunately new set is too expensive for me...
  19. N

    W169 A180 Stereo question

    Hi all, I am getting my first MB in June, a 59 plate W169 A180 CDI SE Elegance Auto. I am getting it from a family member once their new b-class order comes in. So I have 3 months of looking at what Upgrades I can do to the car once I get it :-). Unfortunately i cannot get to see the car all...
  20. N

    New A180 CDI W169 Owner

    Hi guys, In June i will be buying off a family member a 2009 A180 CDI Elegence SE Auto. He is upgrading to a new B-Class, and offered it to me at what the dealership were going to give him in Part Ex. I am in need of a diesal, due to the fact in April we are moving houses, and my journey to...
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