1. C

    abs activating intermitantly

    Hi all I bought a 2002 ml270 just before Xmas , I decided to get the oil and filter done at Mercedes so took it down last week , they said whilst its in its down for a recall for the cruise control , after leaving and going home I noticed when coming to a stop especially when turning the abs...
  2. Gaz-M

    Vito 639 With Emergency Lighting Activating- Fault Code

    Im having bother with my 2008 Vito 639 for months, it is randomly and often activating the emergency lighting showing on the highline dash (am i right in thinking it switches to fog lamps?) after switching on the headlights. What i normally notice is i switch the headlights on, nothing happens...
  3. P

    Traction control randomly activating under acceleration.

    Hello As the title says, under medium to hard acceleration the traction control light will start flashing and thinking the car is skidding/loosing traction when it isn't. If I release the accelerator pedal and then back on theaccelerator the light will go off and the car will accelerate...
  4. Reggie-rock

    Alarm activating for no reason, please help

    Has anyone have a clue why my alarm randomly goes off for no reason? This has happened twice so far today and has never done it before. What can I check or do ? Thanks
  5. P

    ABS activating when driving off

    Going round in circles with this problem. When I try to drive off in my 2007 r class the ABS activates at or below 5mph without pressing the brake pedal. It's the front passenger wheel that is stopping. Can't drive the car as it brings it to a stop. The ABS and ESP lights are on. Had a mechanic...
  6. C

    W221 Activating Phone

    Just bought a pre-facelift 2009 S320 CDI, having trouble getting the Telephone to work in Comand. I have an iPhone 5S, and the car has the Bluetooth thing in the centre armrest. I can pair the phone such that the system says its authorised and available, but then going into Telephone and...
  7. A

    Sport mode self activating

    Guys i have got a 08 c320 cdi sport and i have noticed it keep putting its self in sport. ( the button on the dash lights up ) so the suspension stiffens up and the gearbox goes in to S. I tried to disconnect the battery to see if it would clear its brain but its still doing it. Its due...
  8. 1

    LED H6W sidelights activating bulb failure warning ? ? ?

    Hi guys, I'm fed up with the yellow tint sidelights on my 2002 W208 CLK and want to replace them with bulbs that give off a pure white light. I've tried Philips Blue Vision and didnt rate them at all and am now considering some white LED bulbs...
  9. A

    Activating rain sensor wipers on new SLK's

    Anyone know how to activate the rain sensor wipers built into the New SLK's
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