1. M

    Need Gearbox Coolant pipe adapters E320 W211

    Anyone know where I could get a couple of these without having to buy a new radiator? Many Thanks
  2. Somebody

    c126 air con charging adapters?

    So, I came to another dead end, and need your peopleses help. My 126 is scheduled for its air conditioning maintenance run, but the air con tech dude took the valve cover off and looked confused. He then said that although they stock the correct gas/chemicals to retrofit into older cars, they...
  3. S

    PCMCIA to <Various> Adapters

    Hi Thought I'd share my pain and anguish, and try to save you the same. I was trying to use memory cards for audio in my 2006 W221 S-Class (UK). I wanted to use 'modern' cards (that I could use on other devices) so have run the gamut of adapters. If they don't work, the error shown on the...
  4. gIzzE

    Comand NTG2.5 for W211 E Class and CLS - Inc. Wiring adapters etc.

    Thinking of selling my Comand along with the install adapters to convert from an Audio 20 system. It comes with main harness adpater, bluetooth antenna, microphone for phone, gps aerial and the twin FM adapter for the diversity radio. So really is plug and play, would take even an idiot...
  5. trainer

    Bluetooth adapters.

    I know this must have been covered elsewhere but the search sent me through other threads that I wasnt interested in. I have just a C32 AMG with a factory fitted phone. I have the option of getting a second sim for my current phone to put in the car or a bluetooth adapter if one is available...
  6. ckember

    can bus adapters

    As anyone used one of these before. looks handy for nokia and parrot car kit integration.
  7. Gucci

    I need sennheiser cx300 ear adapters!

    Well, 1 at least. I lost one of them....but can't find replacements....any ideas? :crazy:
  8. 2

    6x9 adapters available?

    hi guys. i am looking to replace the rear shelf speakers on my 1999 W202. I removed my expensive infinity kappa 6x9s from my old car before i sold it and would be good if i could fit it into the merc without cutting any holes into shelf. I used to have it fitted to my previous BMW with adapters...
  9. smeeeee

    W124 radio adapters

    Hi All, Only me, just wondered if any of you knew of any suppliers of connection kits to adapt from the standard MB radio connector to other manufacturers (Alpine). I know Halfrauds sell things like this but I imagine they are unlikely to stock something for the W124 I would guess. Any...
  10. avoyager

    command 2.0 , 2.5- TV I/O adapters by soundlinx

    If you have Command 2.0 0r 2.5 with TV I have some input and output adaptors for sale on E bay:
  11. A

    Fascia adapters

    About to get started on upgrading the stereo in my W209 CLK Cab and have decided on the Alpine 9815RB which I've found for £340 from What I need to find now is a fascia adapter to allow fitting of a standard din stereo, a wiring adapter to patch it into the harness and...
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