1. B

    Added a couple more bits under the bonent

    Had this for a while now but sourcing the right hoses was a pain The right size 90mm if anyone is wondering I wanted black the first one I got was black but blue in the middle but finally got the black I wanted Then installation Looks easy but required a bit or modding to fit The holes...
  2. T

    W204 opinions on grilled please ( pics added )

    Hi lads, Can you please advise me which grill you think looks better. I have a preferred pick but just wanna see what others think also.
  3. T

    MB service. 40 miles added

    Car was picked up from my work by service team. Taken to the dealership (7.8 miles away by sat nav) and returned after service. almost 40 miles added to the speedo. Would that raise eyebrows?
  4. ash55amg

    New carbon fibre bits added to my CLS 55

    Carbon grill and splitter
  5. S

    W204 facelift interior led color change added by Xentry (pics)

    Hi! I just have played with my Xentry and cheked some setting in cluster. In developer mode there are many parametres. I found change interior led color: (Solar = orange like default) (Neutral = White) (Polar = blue) Also find ambiend light adjust setting and level for it. I made setting to...
  6. C

    Anyone added a sub to their w204?

    Mine does not have the 14 speaker system and it is missing the bass. I want to add my JL w7 power wedge and amp. Is there an easier way to do this or would the best way be to tap a speaker line / line level converter. Thanks, G
  7. michaeldargan

    Anyone ever added a fuel supplement cleaner?

    Hi I have a s320 cdi and was considering adding a fuel cleaning supplement that you buy in fuel stations? Any advice? Is there any point?
  8. CardinalZeus77

    Pictures of my new 61 plate car added to Album

    Pictures of my new 61 plate car collected today added to Albums
  9. marko_eire

    I thought BMW were bad for added extra's :(

    Hi All i'm yet another newbie to the MB ! i recently bought an 04 C270cdi which was a big change from my 03 BMW 318. but it seems the little thiings i liked are not installed/pre wired?? for instance integrated phone 6 disc changer etc. this is not helped by the fact the cd player (front loader)...
  10. W

    wheel balancing - 340g added

    Reading this thread on a Smart car forum I saw this: I've never considered wheel balancing an especially skilled job, but it's clearly beyond some people. Another reason why I like watching tyre fitters rather than staying in the waiting room.
  11. stevesey

    Toe-in (total) - is that both sides added up?

    Probably one for WIM (and some maths for NC). Both track rod end gaiters are perished, so I'm aware I'll been to replace the ends soon. In advance of this I tought I'd check the tracking (using a peice of string;)) so I had a good reference when replacing them (also knowing a spreader bar is...
  12. D

    Has anyone added a reversing camera?

    Just thinking about the next retrofit, does anyone know if you can fit a reversing camera to a 05 203? Anyone done it? Thoughts?:rolleyes:
  13. tudu

    Kleemann TS-7's and Diffuser Added

    Kleemann wheels have been painted black on the inside to match the colour of rear diffuser - I really like the new look, and will now keep these wheels on the car.
  14. D

    225 miles per gallon. He added it would cost a maximum of £14,000 to build.

    From flat pack.
  15. tudu

    New Mods Added to C55

    :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:Many thanks to Richard and Alfie once again on a great professional installation. Ipod integration install so no more CD's to change, all the 'ali' replaced with Birds Eye Maple, and of course as an addition Richard had a rather nice steering wheel, (SL 55 AMG...
  16. A

    Added some bling to the ML

    Added some bling to my ML today. My wife finds it hard to get in and out of the truck being only small :) :) so while I quite like the look and I like chrome they should provide some use? The exhaust back box is a genuine AMG one and I think finished the back off nicely. Lovely and chrome...
  17. G

    Distronic and CL500 W215 can it be added

    Hi guys, Is there any possibility the distronic to be added if it was not installed by the factory? It sounds like a good idea to have it on a medium busy motorway. V
  18. tudu

    New Mods Added

    Hi all. In order to complete the stealth look on my car, i have covered all the chrome strips with CF vinyl plus 2 coats of clear lacquer. Also covered the grille. Took about 16 hours from start to finish, and pleased with the result. I will be putting in my AMG III's for painting gloss black...
  19. tudu

    Latest CF Mods Added

    While it was such a nice sunny day decided to fit latest mods to the car that had been waiting to be done. Fitted Carbon Fiber Headlight Rims and Carbon Fiber Wing Mirror Covers - not much left to do bodywise - steering wheel paddle shift next i think followed by the Kleemann performance kit if...
  20. tudu

    New Mods added

    :bannana:While my car was in bodyshop having bumper resprayed (stone chips from motorway driving) I had a few more mods added while the bumper was off. AMG Style Black Projector Headlights AMG Style Black Projector Foglights AMG Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler Lip AMG 'Black Series' Carbon Fiber...
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