1. ChrisEdu

    Top to totty in TV adverts

    Okay, maybe just a tad sexist, but which ladies of advertising land get you hot under the collar? Currently, for me, I'm rather fond of the woman in the Trivago adverts. Historically, Estelle Skornick aka Nicole. :) How about you chaps?
  2. Steve320

    Authors now writing adverts?!?

    I just found my dream car... Search for yours via Auto Trader #DrivenByMe Lord Of The bl00dy Rings was a quicker read! Mind you, a cracker of a car...
  3. MOR8A

    Most irritating quotes from car adverts?

    Thought this might be an intersting topic for venting and laughs. So the first one that springs to mind for me is ''Drives excellent'' WTF is that meant to mean? All you are doing is pointing out you are a total retard, why would I even pick up the phone to you let alone come and see your...
  4. trapperjohn

    Unwanted Adverts on ebay and on here too.

    Grrrr. Alll I want to do is see what I whistle up on ebay. At the moment Im getting all sorts of ads crawling all over my "page" I want to see. I also get words underlined in blue on this forum. Im using Chrome - Ad blocker is installed and Norton is my chosen sidearm to kick stuff off or not...
  5. effbee584

    Pointless Car Adverts

    I am puzzled that in the adverts enticing us to buy a new car, manufacturers will use a generic picture of a model from the range, which is fine, usually without any reference to a price, and then add, in mostly small print, the range of fuel consumption figures for the whole range. In The Times...
  6. tonyc280

    Damn adverts

    Don't know whether i'm the only one having problems with adverts popping up all over the place but its only happening on this site. They are "Ad Choices" and beginning to get on my nerves as every new page i open in the forums comes with a barrage of adverts. Am running Windows XP Pro
  7. tonyc280


    Was just wondering peep's how i can stop adverts appearing all over the pages on this site. Cheers, Tony.:mad:
  8. tonyc280

    Bloody adverts on this site

    Excuse my french gentleman but the adverts i keep seeing on this site including "Wonga" etc are completely doing my head in. Any one know how i can stop them. Cheers, Tony.
  9. ringway

    TV Adverts. Good and Bad.

    This came to mind earlier today. :) 64NjWiGmOc8
  10. J

    Northern Ireland Road Safety Adverts (Hard Hitting) Pardon the pun

    This is a few videos of our Road Safety campaign here in Northern ireland. Hopefully some of you take it on board and take abit more care when driving. Most mainlanders are shocked when they see these. So please be advised. And take care of yourselfs and others on the roads jaTmf3B9xVg...
  11. Piff

    Underlined words - pop up adverts

    In the last couple of weeks, web pages seem to have lots of words underlined. As the cursor goes over the underlined word an advert box opens. Even a post I made here myself: (post #4) has the word "access"...
  12. grober

    Best Car Adverts Ever

    The results according to Auto express---- God help us. Or as that small African rodent would say--- "Simples" :doh: 1. Honda Accord: The Cog 2. Ford Puma: Steve McQueen 3. Peugeot 206: The Sculptor 4. Citroen C4: Transformers 5. Volkswagen Golf GTI: Changes 6. Volkswagen Passat: The Force 7...
  13. mercedescl500

    I thought Adverts like this were illegal ??

    I might be completely wrong here but I though ads like this were illegal ? :dk: MERCEDES CL55 AMG 2002 UNRECORDED | eBay Might want to double check your car if buying a CL55 in silver.
  14. A

    Adverts that make me fill up now I have kids...

    Normally pre kids I would not bat an eyelid at this sort of advert... However our Little girl is now 5 and son 16 months.. It seems to change everything. Both my wife and I filling up over this last night... VW Polo Dad - YouTube
  15. effbee584

    Annoying Mercedes and Car adverts.

    We all know that most modern MB's are well specced with such things as doors, multi function steering wheels, trip computer, sun visors with mirrors, rear seat belts and ashtrays. All so b****y obvious. Yet the adverts published 'hide' within the reams of blurb such things as Comand...
  16. B

    People using my photos on their adverts

    Had an email last night to say that someone was using one of my photos on an ad on Car & Classic. I spoke to the gentleman concerned - he ummed and ahed until I pointed out the © tag in the left hand corner. I requested he remove the photo, and the link to my website with the...
  17. M

    Favourite car adverts

    Here's a few contenders. I'm sure I could think of many more... zDN29V4bEPo NEFPldXp_u4 ccHB4HvaCyM M5zP-qbb7tU qK3hZjCIWYM The last one, featuring the delectable Joanna David, must surely have provided some inspiration for the long-running Gold Blend commercials. I would also have...
  18. M

    ADVERTS BANNER from Jobsite on MBclub -its my ad!

    I just opened the mbclub forums page and wasnt remembered as a member so as I typed in my user name & p/w I noticed the advertising banner from Jobsite - no biggie I normally don't pay much attention & just log on . But this ad was highlighting 2 jobs - actually the same job twice , and I...
  19. CE230

    If only there were more adverts like this
  20. Stuart K

    Autotrader adverts

    Hi One of my very sad past time or motivators to get back to work and earn money (which ever way you want to look at it) is looking through auto trader at my next potential buy or working on my dream garage. Any way, I've noticed that for some of the cars I look at there is usually a very...
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