1. S

    Is the S124 aerial + motor assembly same as w124?

    Hello, The motor's gone on my aerial, but before I get all ebay happy, does anyone know if it's the same piece of kit for the estate as the saloon? Some one told me it was different, but I've also read it's the same. I've searched the threads and can't find a definitive answer. Might...
  2. P

    W124 Power Aerial with Modern DAB Head Unit?

    I'd like to fit a DAB into my 260E, but retain the power aerial for FM use. I realise that I'll have to fit either a splitter or an additional DAB aerial, but modern head units don't seem to have an output signal to power the electric aerial. I guess I could use a feed from the ignition and...
  3. B

    W164 2007 FM Aerial Wiring

    2007 W164 FM aerial questions I am trying to fully understand the diversity aerial set up and booster arrangement on this model and need some help from anyone that has been here before. At the head unit end, my car has three Fakra connectors. Bright yellow, black and blue. Blue is for...
  4. zoros

    stubby aerial

    somebody or something took the tip of my stubby n/s rear wing aerial off the car recently. I can't find a replacement top screwable section anywhere! Does anyone know where I can source one or has one for sale - any colour! Its the section which comes to a point almost, with a male connector...
  5. Petrol Pete

    Where or what is the aerial

    Hi Where is the aerial for the radio on my C55 Wagon (2006) ? is it the 'lines ' I see embedded in the rear side windows ? Just curious.
  6. G

    M5 to M6 adapter for the roof aerial?

    Is this even possible? I bought what was supposed to be a model-specific roof aerial, as some lowlife pinched mine off the car over Christmas ... It looks quite nice: but the thread is M5, and apparently my antenna base is M6, so I need something like this: I have a strong...
  7. G

    Roof Aerial Replacement - Different Type?

    Some lowlife has snapped a roof aerial off my car over the Christmas break period. These people really do get into the whole peace and goodwill set of mind, don't they. The car originally had a "fishing rod" aerial as was fitted to the pre-facelift W169, I replaced it with a facelift...
  8. zoros

    stubby aerial

    Wanted for a R230 sl55 amg. Its the upper screwable portion of the short stubby mast on the rear nearside wing. Anybody?
  9. zoros

    sl55 amg stubby aerial

    The upper screwable top of the stubby aerial that sits on the rear nearside wing of an sl55 amg, R230 model. Please?
  10. C

    aerial cable removal

    Hi doe's anyone know how difficult it is to replace the antenna cable from radio to aerial on a sl500 r129, IE can it be taped to the old cable and pulled through or is it carpet and panel removal. many thanks ,any help would be appreciated . Colind 55
  11. R

    Upgrade aerial to improve W204 DAB reception??

    The shark fin aerial on my C250 CDI Coupe gives very poor DAB reception on the NTG4.5 Comand head. Even if you tie the station(s) reception is v poor compared with my Fiesta ST and other sets. I gather there are amplifiers in the cabling to enhance signal (is that right?) - if so they're not...
  12. A

    Mercedes Vito Aerial

    Hi There, I have recently bought a 2001 Mercedes Vito 108 van converted into a camper. The radio does not pick up a good signal at all. It seems the aerial has been removed from the original position and plugged with a black plug. Could someone tell me if it's been relocated to the...
  13. N

    How to get power to my aerial amplifier

    I have a 2006 ML320CDi with an Audio 20 head unit and CD changer. No bluetooth or aux input. On the back it has two coax connectors for the aerial(s) one black and one mustard yellow colour. I've fitted a replacement head unit from Kenwood which obviously has a standard aerial connector and I...
  14. W

    R230 Head Unit Replacement - OEM Aerial Adaptor/Connection?

    Hi. I am/have replaced the Command Head Unit in my 2005 SL350 and am installing an Alpine X800D-U connected to a JL HD900/5 Amplifier to run the OEM BOSE Speakers. All working so far EXCEPT I am not receiving an FM Signal at the head unit (the aerial connection from the head unit and up to the...
  15. cooks

    W124 aerial

    anybody help me out with a Aerial for my Coupe.:(
  16. N

    Telephone Aerial Cover

    The plastic/rubber cover for the telephone aerial on my CLK (W208) started to fall apart. This is a genuine replacement item from Mercedes. I have two available. £6 each posted in the UK.
  17. Lukeogh

    DAB issues... Aerial?

    Hi Guys, I've recently bought myself a 2012 C220 AMG SPORT. :bannana: Everything is pretty awesome however, the DAB radio constantly drops out while when I'm driving. Assuming this is Aerial issues...? :dk: Any ideas? If so, whats the best one to go for? Thanks very much...
  18. C

    CLC Rear Window / Hatch Trim Removal

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance please on the correct way to remove the interior plastic trim around the rear window of the hatch back of a 2009 CLC. I have issues with radio reception and I want to gain access to all the heated rear window / aerial connections and the aerial amplifier...
  19. Parisien

    R129 96 ....aerial required

    My mechanic and I stripped said unit, found the control board was corroded in a number of places, plus neck tube corroded so its swelled the main plastic box unit, so can't extract/fix. We have a spare mast, motor works etc Any have a spare non working aerial with good board, outer box to...
  20. R

    S203 COMAND problem - aerial or nav unit?

    My faithful (touch wood) 2005 facelift C Class estate has thrown up a problem - COMAND intermittantly doesn't know where it is, which left me in something of a pickle in Windsor the other day! That's the second time it's happened in the last couple of weeks. I know the aerial can fail (I...
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