1. S

    Newbie alert

    Hi, I'm Steve and just signed up to to find out about the MB SLK 350. I've had a few interesting cars in my time including a GSi Carlton, Dodge Charger, and two Imprezas - most recently a 2005 STi that I tuned up to 500 bhp. I also spent over 10 years drag racing with the Charger and a 750bhp...
  2. D

    Sl500 r230 battery alert visit workshop? - batteries working

    Hi all, The instrument cluster on my SL has been illuminating of late in the Red Alert mode, the left cluster shows the Battery icon whilst the other states "Visit Workshop". The issue being is that nothing seems to be amiss. Both the starter and the consumers batteries are performing as they...
  3. dad4geer

    Alert in Multifunction Display

    Hello all, need help with this alert I got this evening when I started to drive. It was all good this afternoon but tonight when I set off from home it started giving me a warning tone with that icon on MF display. It appears to be related to bonnet but my bonnet is all securely locked. I even...
  4. whitenemesis

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix -- SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    The original title for this thread was going to be "Mercedes to Suspend Hamilton" First off, let me congratulate Nico on his championship win. A consistent performance throughout the season, well done. I'd also like to say I think Lewis could have been a little more gracious in his congrats...
  5. R

    Emergency Alert ATTN: Mercedes/Runonflat/Goodyear

    I ordered a 2016 S600 Maybach, it came with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Runonflat tires. Within approximately 9,000 miles on the tires, I had 3 tires where the belt came through the edge, see pictures. All 3 of the tires happened within a month of each other. It happened very...
  6. Palfrem

    Rant alert - Utter intelligence insulting rubbish from Mercedes Benz?

    At a recent get-together (Brooklands) I met one of the previous owners of my W124 E36. He told me that my car was originally a MB press car when it was first registered in the UK. On the strength of this, I wrote to MB and asked if they could confirm if that was indeed the case. All I...
  7. D

    Run flat alert after tyre change and jet clean

    Hi folks I wonder if one of the members are able to help please. I've got a 2009 a class classic and I am displaying a runflat tire indicator despite repeatedly resetting .my tires have all checked okay but I have recently had one new tyre on the nearside with a half worn one on the other side I...
  8. smoothrider

    rip off alert

    this trader appears to have copied and pasted a description for the car hes selling from a rival trader's website advertising a different car. compare these MERCEDES 560 SEL Brilliant silver with Grey hide 07850210323 For Sale (1991) on Car And Classic UK [C443325] from last week...
  9. B

    Newbie alert !

    Hi all New to the site so thought I would say hi Recently bought my first Mercedes - CLS 320 Anyway - thanks in advance for the help I will be asking for :) Cheers Bamz
  10. clarea

    Silly question alert re TA

    OK apologies in advance! Recently got a 2005 S320cdi limo but haven't got the manuals for it yet (dealer lost them and waiting for replacement) so I'm finding stuff out as I go. Couple of things niggling me, first is that I can't seem to turn traffic announcement off. Even when it says its off...
  11. johnbeal

    Speed camera alert for Comand NTG4.0

    I am searching for speed camera software for a Comand NTG4.0. I have a 59 plate E class with a PCMIA slot on the dash. I have the unit that fits into the PCMIA slot and it accepts SD cards.Anybody help :bannana:
  12. Palfrem

    Sunny Credit. Caution - Rant alert.

    In our area this mob are doing a lot of TV advertising. Mrs P even had a letter from them today. Turns out if you borrow £350 for 12 months you repay..... £1267.80! A £917.80 charge for credit or 1971% APR! How can this be allowed? It's preying off those least...
  13. R

    Good Evening Everyone ! Newbie Alert !

    Hi Everyone, Mercedes lady newbie from the 'Wet' (West) Country ! Devon... Thoroughly enjoying being the proud owner of a beautiful SLK R170 320 V6 auto. Even better when you can get the top down on hot days like today has been ! Yay!
  14. brucemillar

    Any Opticians - Idiot Alert

    Folks I have a really nice pair of RayBan Wayfarer frames with Ziess (sic) vario-focal lenses which are also photo-chromatic and anti glare. These were expensive. Unfortunately my mate Dave has been shoving them in his pocket without first placing them in their case. Naughty Dave. Now it...
  15. ilovethiscity

    Uh Oh! My new C63 VS a 3ft high kerb (spoiler alert, kerb won)

    As the title suggests my pride and joy met with a 3ft kerb in Chelsea today.. admittedly I did drive it into this kerb but I really didn't see it was so damn high! Luckily it was at crawling speed but nonetheless a super :fail on my part. is there anything I can do with this? I realise it's...
  16. B

    newbie alert !!

    With a lot of questions to ask. But for now, Hi from Milton Keynes :)
  17. S

    Watch out - new member alert ;)

    Hello fellow MB Owners After years of slugging away in a succession of crap Transits I took the plunge and bought a 2004 Vito 109cdi. Its like a luxury vehicle compared to the vans I've been used to but of course - it comes at a price. Yes - bloody electronics and lights on the dash etc etc...
  18. brucemillar

    QE II Bridge closed in security alert

    Rush hour traffic is building up after a security alert on the QEII bridge at Dartford. Severe delays are expected after the Dartford Tunnel, the bridge and the approach road were all shut on the Kent side at around 4.30pm. Cars caught on the bridge this afternoon. Picture: @dannyoreilly66...
  19. tcb180

    Abs warning alert !!

    Changed n/s/f lower and upper suspension arms yesterday on my 2003 c220 cdi saloon. I removed the complete hub assembly with the arms still attached and did the swop over on the garage floor. During the process I obviously had to disconnect the Abs Sensor from the rear of the hub. Only drove...
  20. N

    sum kittons II, RED ALERT! Forum calming measure.

    How about this as a thread chill out move? Whenever we get a thread that is getting contentious, scratchy and argumentative for the serenity this picture introduces into the thread & as a warning to protagonists to CTFD any member can post the hir is sum kittons, kittons r nic" picture as...
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