1. nickpb

    Wolfrace alloy wheels complete with winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Wolfrace Oslo alloy wheels fitted with Kumho I'Zen KW27 winter tyres. I used them on my 2012 C220 BlueEfficiency Sport Estate (S204), which I no longer have. More specific details follow: Wheels are 7.5J x 17 H2 ET47 Wheels are in very good condition but there are some...
  2. johnlewis1964

    Alloy Whes.

    Hi folks will 18 inch wheels from an s class fit my c180 2008 w204 many thanks. I bought a set of wheels 18 x 8 et 45 5 x 112 but they won't fit flush on hub hitting shock did I buy the wrong wheels it's my first Merc.
  3. C

    Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection - - Insurance from MB

    When I picked up my c43 from MB they said they have thrown in Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection policy. Has anyone else had this? I am able to have 6 repairs done to my alloys and 4 new tyres (does not cover wear and tear). I need 4 new tires but its only covered if my tyres pop or they are...
  4. Adamccc

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels [RRP £5,610.39] - £0.99 Starting bid!

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels in Satin Black Listed these on eBay with a 99p starting bid - so grab a bargain if you fancy EBAY LINK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These came from the factory on my CLS63 AMG and have only...
  5. dddooommm

    W124 C124 Sportline alloy wheels set A124411902

    FOR SALE: Mercedes Benz w124 c124 Sportline lightweight 8 hole alloy wheels set In good condition with no damage or repairs Tyres are included (very old) 205 / 60 / R15 CONDITION: Very good overall condition. Expected light marks & could benefit from a paint referb. No cracks...
  6. clk320x

    Simoniz Alloy Cleaner

    Anyone had any experience with the above product? It was on offer at Tescos so couldn't resist.. believe around £2. It guarantees not to damage the wheels and to be acid free Abs
  7. astamir

    c63 19" rear alloy wheel

    Hi guys I'm after one rear 19" multispoke alloy wheel for c63 et54 and 9j if I'm not mistaken))) If anyone selling one please give me a shout. Thanks
  8. oldhamm

    W212 17" or 19"? Diamond or Alloy?

    I recently bought a W212 facelift saloon that came with 19" AMG alloys (A2124014702 for those so inclined) which I managed to kerb twice and then hit a pothole on the A13 at 65 mph which made me think I'd hit a wall. I resolved to revert to a set of the original factory 17" (A2124015602) which I...
  9. D

    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Hi All A question not about my car for once! We have a car in the household where one of the (2002 Yaris with 14" rims) alloys is losing air, its had a brand new tyre fitted so we know its not that, the fitter also wire brushed and applied sealant but this has not helped so the options as I...
  10. N

    Vito Alloy Wheels 2012

    Hi all I'm Looking for a set of 18" alloys to fit a 2012 vito must be load rated wheels cheers Alex
  11. Charles Morgan

    B class 16 inch alloy wheels

    A friend is after a good set of 16 inch wheels for his 57 reg W246 B class as he finds the ride a bit harsh. If anyone here has some they want to sell (he's not interested in anything tatty or requiring refurbishment) please let me know!
  12. J

    Front 17" Alloy for CLK320

    I have buckled the front alloy on my 2004 year CLK 320. The tyres are 225 x 45 xR17. I am looking for a replacement if anyone has one or can advise a reputable supplier. Thanks for your help.
  13. S

    Wheel nuts

    Hi I have a Sprinter 2007 209cdi 88hp. It came with alloys on when i bought it but after a flat yesterday I discovered the spare steel rim wont fit because of the alloy bolts, so i went to Merc and bought some sprinter wheel bolts and they are too long. When questioned back at Merc they...
  14. R

    need some help with alloy wheels please

    Hello my brother bought a mercedes vito 6 seater long wheel base 2010 it came with metallic wheels and a set of alloy wheels but worn tires today i fitted in the tyre shop the alloy wheels and new tyres for them.. tyre fitter told me that the nuts may be a bit shorter and may need...
  15. D

    Alloy wheels on W203 CDI

    Hi guys New today, just bought my first ever Merc. 2006 220CDI estate. Nice car but one or two issues as you'd expect on a car this age. Will post those in the correct category. However has anyone replaced the spacesaver with a full size 16" alloy? Looks like it fits in the boot fine and may...
  16. D

    Recommendations for alloy wheel refurb in Bucks?

    Any got personal experience of a quality refurb service in BUcks My diamond cut alloys on my R172 SLK are all in neeed of a refurb. The previous owner obviously parked by touch....
  17. roman82

    Looking to buy single amg Bbs 18 8.5 alloy

    Hi everybody.i do looking to buy single alloys amg Bbs 18 8.5 . HWA1404000102.any condition will consider. Thx for any info.
  18. kam09

    Declaring Alloy wheel change?

    guys i have recently changed my wheels to replica 18" MB style alloy wheels, i previously had stock oem 18" wheels but i did keep the tyres which i just swapped over along with the wheel sensors.. The Q. is Do i need to declare this change to my insurance? thanks
  19. 1

    CLS 55 Alloy wheel

    Hi, i have a cls 55 that has AMG IIIs fitted. i have been getting a vibration through the steering when turning right around a roundabout or going round a right hand bend. If turning at a steady average speed theres no vibration, if i speed up slightly it vibrates through the steering. Drives...
  20. C

    C63 w204 19" alloy, rear diffuser

    I've got a c63 19" rear alloy for sale has 1 hairline crack can be welded doesn't leak air I've had it on the car till recently £150 ono Rear oem diffuser(pre facelift 2010) has 1 crack from underneath, wasn't aware it was cracked as it's hidden underneath. £100...
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