1. Makdissy

    Becker Grand Prix 2000 from Europe or America

    I was told buying a stereo from Europe or the USA won't work in the UK !!!! Is there a way or a trick to make the radio work??? :confused: Many thanks Peter.
  2. R

    Only in America:

    Gunman shoots self after Virginia journalists shot -
  3. P

    parts from america

    Anyone ever consider getting small merc parts shipped from America? I just priced a wheel speed sensor here in UK. They are looking for £110. Same part on an American website is $25. Emailed and asked would they ship to UK.
  4. ioweddie

    Worth a watch! from America's Got Talent
  5. grober

    James Steele: America's mystery man in Iraq

    Some aspects of US Foreign Policy that has perhaps a "degree of resonance" with recent discussions about Hugo Chavez. Seems all too eerily familiar but judge for yourself.eGfYfbPS6zU

    Kill at will? America on trail

    Gun politics in the USA. Panorama BBC1 2030hrs. Should be worth watching, and provide for a good evening of debate.
  7. Druk

    Letter from America. How long?

    I had a jiffybag posted to me today Airmail from San Diego containing some US spec engine parts. Used small part spares so nominal costs. How long realistically before I can expect delivery? :dk:
  8. A

    Buying secondhand parts from America

    I am thinking of buying a couple of W124 parts from Ebay in America as they are not very common over here. I can't work out whether I will pay additional tax(es) when they arrive. Does anyone have experience of doing this or should the whole thing be avoided? Items I'm looking at will be...
  9. C

    2002 Triumph Bonneville America £2995

    Hi All! Not a Mercedes, 'Im afraid (I'm keeping the E55, for now ;)), but one of my other interests, my first 'Big' Bike. The insurance runs out in a little while and since buying a 2011 Triumph Thruxton I just can't see me getting enough decent weekends to get much further use out of the...
  10. S

    Only in America

    BBC News - McNugget resembling George Washington sells for $8,100 Mind you what I am doing wasting my time reading it I don't know.
  11. glojo

    Only in America

    All these items are for sale in this store
  12. S

    Diesels in America

    2005 E320cdi in texas here Lovely car, really like the colour scheme and given exhange rates a good price if you were buying in sterling. Didn't think they had diesel cars over there since 2005. Is there a large enough fueling infrastructure over there to support diesel cars.
  13. Godot

    Only in America Any suggestions for Roads & Tunes here ?:crazy::D:D:o
  14. mercmanuk

    only in america
  15. MikeL

    Only in America?

    This made me chuckle - I know it shouldn't. Thanks to A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad’s credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order. Ralph Hardy, a 13 year old...
  16. A

    Jessops / Comet etc equivalents in America

    I'm off to the US on Monday for a week with work and my digital camera has just died (conveniently?) Anyway I'm looking to buy a replacement when I'm out there, will be mainly in Baltimore, but will be off to Boston and somewhere in Conneticut too. Any recommendations on where to buy? I've...
  17. carnut

    Only in America --I Hope!

    :eek: Just take alook at this thread! I do hope at least some of this is Joke!!
  18. S

    Only in America (again!)

    It could be true, probably an urban myth but made me chuckle. "Get out of the car" (this is a supposedly true account recorded in the police log of Sarasota, Florida) An elderly Florida lady did her shopping and, upon return to her car, found four makes in the act of making off with her...
  19. whitenemesis

    Only in America?
  20. glojo

    America's Cup

    Is anyone else watching this? Great racing and more changing of the lead than Formula 1. John
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