1. TheFoX

    Does the RSPCA/Channel 5 delight in animal cruelty?

    Like me, many people will watch the Dog Rescuers on Channel 5 because we are animal lovers who are appalled at the cruelty some of our race can inflict on our four legged friends. It is always nice to see a dog rescued, given a lot of TLC, then to find them their forever home with an owner who...
  2. The Boss

    SLK55 AMG - Animal or Hairdressers car..?

  3. John

    Amusing animal voiceover video.

    This one tickled me - thought I'd share (contains swearing): WDxrfEeRYAk
  4. developer

    Wanton Animal Cruelty - Where's the Deterrent?

    From an RSPCA report. So the two guys dig out a fox from it's hole, and from what I could gather, suspended it by the tail over three terrier type dogs. Children are present, as the fox meets a horrific end. What did they get? 18 weeks suspended :devil:. So basically nothing to...
  5. markjay

    Police Rescue Stuffed Animal from Man's Mercedes

    Police rescue stuffed animal from man's Mercedes - National Dogs | :dk:
  6. G

    Encounter with a furry animal

    Last night in the 124 had the misfortune to hit a furry animal. Never saw it. Doing approx 45mph. Heard a thud and warning light came on. First thought was a major mechanical catastrophe but the car never missed a beat. No strange noises. Realised the warning light was the bulb failure light...
  7. S

    Warning - enormous horrific wild animal photo

    Matching pets sunbathing. That is all. And you can see why I wouldn't need an E55 estate for that size hound.
  8. swannymere

    Not one for the animal lovers!

    Is it genius or just a bit sick? Animal Beer!:eek:
  9. S

    Welcome to Animal farm Looks like emails etc can be handed to the cloon? Is there a real need for this, or is this needless. More so, if its needed, who is responsible for the government putting this measure into place. Perhaps its them...
  10. Howard

    For the animal lovers ...

    Excerpts from your pets diary ..... From the dogs 8:00 am - Dog food! My favourite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favourite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favourite thing! 10:30 am - Got rubbed and patted! My favourite thing! 12:00 PM - Lunch...
  11. Gucci

    We must be animal lovers

    Thought I'd share two stories I heard today - both true...:crazy: 1. A friend of this girl at work was asked to look after their budgie. They went to the cage and saw it at the bottom of the cage, feet up in the air on it's back. The friend decided to try giving mouth to beak! Adding to the...
  12. Satch

    Animal medication: take note

    One of my dogs has been unwell and whilst on the mend needs a longish course of antibiotics. This particular condition is not covered by insurance (and I am trying not to think about the overall cost) because of a grand **** up on my part but so be it. So yesterday deeply unimpressed to...
  13. scotth_uk

    What should we do when an animal is hit?

    Hi All, Horrible experience on the way to the airport at 5am this morning. :-( Excuse the typing and grammar - I just got off a flight to New York and drove the parkways for an hour in a LHD rental! I was driving down the main street of Holland Park in London towards the Shepherds Bush...
  14. anarchy-inc

    Merc vs. small bird **NOT for Animal Lovers or those easily upset!**

  15. GrahamC230K

    What animal is this?

    I KNOW the picture is a deer! Hehe, this is what happens when a townie moves to the country.... I keep seeing these animals at night, scampering accross roads etc. I have no idea what it is. My descrption is that it looks similar to a deer (as per variety below) but the legs are much...
  16. Spinal

    Anyone for a stuffed animal?

    The listing speaks for itself... Spinal Has anyone even looked at that listing? Read the qns below... Quite weird! Even the media contacted him!!!
  17. pammy

    What "animal" driver are you... I'm a Peacock apparently
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