1. grober


    ROSBERG HAS WRECKED HIS CAR IN FINAL PRACTICE WHEN THE REAR SUSPENSION BROKE ON THE NEW KERBS. Austrian Grand Prix qualifying - BBC Sport suspension failure was due to "resonance" on both kerbs meaning both cars may be at risk in the race.
  2. P

    In Austria. Help diagnose clunking

    Hi peeps. Almost at the end of our European road trip in our W204 c180 estate. Did the GrossGlockner high Alpine road yesterday and near the end of the day half way down the hair pins I started getting a fairly loud clunking every few rotations of the wheel when I turned right. Sounds like it's...
  3. P

    Driving to S Bavaria & Austria

    Doing a trip in the middle of May from Wales to Bavaria romantic road and onto Innsbruck before heading home. Got 12 days total. Going on channel tunnel around midnight the same day we finish work and route has got me going via E40 around Brussels and then on to somewhere south of Munich...
  4. PhilT

    Trip To Austria - Stuttgart Mercedes Museum Pictures Inside

    I did a recent trip to Austria in the C63 AMG with 5 other cars as every year a week before the main event in Worthersee which all the big VAG group (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) attend and build stages with future cars, one offs etc the whole lake Worthersee is over taken by VW's, Audis, Porsche...
  5. D


    I have just returned from a road trip to Austria where I went up the Grossglockner high alpine road and returned through the Felbertauer(?) tunnel. We also diverted to see the Pasterze Glacier. Weather was not perfect but improved throughout the day. This was pretty spectacular, better than...
  6. D

    Driving to Italy

    I'm in the middle of planning a driving trip to North Italy in June. We want the journey to be as much a part of our holiday as the destination. I'm coming up with a few quandries and wondered what advice other members may have. Still not decided on whether to use a ferry or Eurotunnel to...
  7. Ullevi

    UK to Austria- any suggestions?

    The wife and I are looking to go to Kitsbuhel in Austria in October. I've never been to Germany or Austria before so would appreciate any advice/ recommendations. We have up to 9 days to play with including travel and could stay 4-5 days in Austria. Probably using the Channel Tunnel. Any...
  8. D


    I am doing some research on visiting Austria, Italy and Switzerland this summer on the way back from Russia. I have around 6 days to play with in Austria. I plan... 1 Moscow - Kaunas (1n) 2 Kaunass - Wroclaw (1n) 3 Wroclaw - Zell am See (6n) I am planning on doing things like:- 1...
  9. Theothers

    Driving to Austria

    Hi all, we are driving to Austria in October and I am looking at short term breakdown cover has anyone used "Vehicle Rescue Direct" they have quoted £ 28 for 10 days cover which seems good to me, they are underwritten by Axa so I presume its ok, but before i sign on the line what do you think...
  10. Pietre

    Touring Austria, Any Potential Problems

    I have a fancy, funds permitting to take my car to Austria for a holiday. Does anyone have any reccomendations for stop overs or using as a base, and any issues I should be aware of prior to booking. Seems a lovely place to visit.;)
  11. Satch

    Here in Austria

    there is one person who is very glad indeed they purchased two major items before going: Decent winter tyres. After a very fine, dry drive to Munich for a couple of days doing the Christmas Markets arrived in Kaprun Monday evening. Very cold (-13c at one point) & been driving around on...
  12. D

    Worthersee Treffen/Show Austria 2006

    Been running for 25 years now. Tens of thousands of people descend on a lake called Worthersee and basically drive modified euro-styled cars round and round the roads/towns situated by the lake. Truely not to be missed, very chilled out affair, the show runs for 1 week. Hotels are...
  13. L

    Diesel car hire in Austria

    Can anyone help please? I am trying to hire a diesel car in Salzburg (at the airport) but am not having much success. Most hire companies say they cannot guarantee type of car. Ideally I would like to hire a Golf TDI ( do not mind a 130bhp one!). All advice/help greatly appreciated.
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