1. S

    For Sale MB SL R230 Nappa Leather rear parcel bag

    Hi I am selling my mint, unused Nappa rear parcel shelf bag. See Mercedes Benz Genuine SL R230 Rear Shelf Bag Only 12 hours left. They have been discontinued so quite desireable and very useful if touring. Loads of pictures on ebay Sorry they wont load here
  2. Ben320cdi

    Boot bag or boot rack? E350 Cab

    I have an E350 cab and need to create a little more luggage space for the summer trip with the family. Has anyone on here had any experience with the boot bags that strap to your boot lid? Alternatively has anyone fitted a boot rack to an E350 cab? The boot bag seems the most flexible option...
  3. brucemillar

    Air Bag Scandal.

    Takata fined $1bn in US over exploding airbag scandal
  4. P

    w204 Air bag Warning - Fornt right malfunction consult workshop

    C220 cdi w204 002 My engine was running while i was cleaning the air vent with air con cleaner, some foam spill over to the back of the driver's seat. Bought a icarsoft i980 on ebay but it did not have the airbag reset option for my car, anyone can suggest any reset tool that can support...
  5. F

    Roof box or Luggage Bag for roof - MB C350E

    Hello ALl, I have a MB C350e and I am looking to buy 2nd hand (if any of you peeps have one to sell) or new (recommendations welcome) box or bag for the roof. I am not so bothered if it is a roof box, but I seen what looked like a canvas bag on a roof of a car - somehow supported at the...
  6. B

    w219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir

    W219 cls air suspension bag air tank reservoir is aluminum or stainless steel ? Thanks
  7. B

    Airmatic suspension bag

    Hi, i need rear left airmatic suspension bag for mercedes cls 2006 w219 , i found on google airdominance company which one make refurb for suspension airbags but no one from this company answer in phone calls or email, is any know about this company? I check on ebay suspension airbags but not...
  8. C

    Unplugging dashboard air bag

    Hi I have little option but to remove the top half of my dash to get to the charcoal filter stepper motor on top of the pollen filter box. am I ok to just unplug the airbag? (which is attached to the top dash) And if so will I be ok plugging it back in when i put it all back together again...
  9. S

    Pre Safe and Air bag light on.

    Hello all. Can anyone please help me on this. My drivers window has stopped working so i decided yesterday to check the fuses. Like a dope i left the ignition on, engine not running and after checking all the fuses for the window were correct I started the car. The Pre safe and Air bag...
  10. Reggie-rock

    A209 CLK black wind deflector + storage bag

    If your in the market for one of these I have put mine on Ebay if anyone is interested. This is in great condition. Ebay listing No. 111991420671
  11. 5

    W124 Boot Seal - Brand new in bag - £50

    As title. Aftermarket part but brand new and in bag. Excellent if your boot seal is worn / has tears. OEM part is £105 so this is less than half the cost.
  12. M

    W164 Air Bag deployed

    Hi I'm repairing my w164 facelift Ml280 and the drivers steering wheel airbag and knee air bag have been deployed the rear seat belts are also tensioned which I think are to do with the crash Do I just need to remove battery replace the impact sqiubs replace the airbags replace the seat...
  13. R

    Air bag faults..

    Hi, Have a C220 w204 2012 that has been in an accident. Are the air bag control units interchangeable as I have a code that states, CAN communication fault with control unit SRS. The control unit has been sent away to be cleared / reset.. Twice.. I have replaced all four seat belts, front...
  14. ioweddie

    Passenger air bag light off light stays on 2015 sport line

    Hi Just noticed the passenger air bag light off warning stays on when driving with the passenger seat empty, if carrying a passenger the light stays on saying air bag on. I'm sure either should go out after 30 seconds or so. Anyone else got a w205? please let me know if yours goes out before I...
  15. andypandy

    Air bag light on

    My w210 airbag light remains on, I've previously removed the steering wheel so had to unplug the airbag, I'm confident it is now back together properly so is it likely that the light is just staying on as there is a stored trouble code?
  16. S

    Air bag off and SRS light on

    Hi, just had a new battery, new fuse on + terminal, but since doing this, 'air bag off' and SRS light on continuously! Is this because of the battery change, or am i unfortunate enough to have issues 2 weeks before MOT?? Thanks
  17. zenman63

    Vito 639 steering wheel and multi function air bag

    As above I have a nice black leather wheel and very good air bag with new switch packs fitted. looking for £200 the set plus shipping uk.
  18. drcarrera

    SLK (W171) Wind Deflector Storage Bag

    Black zipped storage bag for W171 wind deflector and accesories. Pretty much "as new" as we never used it (but forgot to include it when we sold the car!). Complete with (creased) wind deflector instruction booklet. Happy to sell it for cost of postage. Otherwise will be thrown away. Reply...
  19. I

    AutoPak R129 Roof Storage Bag

    I bought this new from someone here who had never used it. I have never used it either. It's very well made out of seriously heavy duty nylon and is designed so that it can also be hung on the wall. I need to clear stuff out of my garage. Given that the company is no longer trading and I...
  20. sherco450

    vito 2010 front passenger air bag

    lm curious on the front passenger air bag, were does it exit ? Older model 639"s have an outline on the dash , my 2010 has Srs on there but no visible cut out . The side of the cup holder has an air bag label .l cant see how it can get out of there .
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