1. MikeInWimbledon

    Loading a bike Alustyle holder onto Roof bars.

    OK, I know there's always a knack to these things but.... I find it awkward to load lightweight carbon bikes on Alustyle holders onto MB roof bars on my own (i.e. without someone else lending a hand). Am I missing a trick? They're fine to load with one person taking the weight, and...
  2. streethawk

    w211 roof bars

    Hi iam looking for some roof bars . My w211 has a pan roof if this makes any difference. Thanks.
  3. B

    Roof bars for S204 (2013) C class estate

    It's a C63, but I think that doesn't make any difference. I was looking at the Thule wingbars, as I'd quite like something designed to be aerodynamic and reduce wind noise - but having looked at them in person, they are incredibly wide. 90mm - meaning that the majority of accessories which...
  4. B

    W212 Roof Bars

    Hi I have a set of W212 Roof Bars and no W212 (changed to CLS) and they do not fit. Could be persuaded to part with them for £50 Either to collect from Guildford or shipment at cost. Peter
  5. N

    Cycle carrier for Mercedes roof bars

    Hello Im looking for a cycle carrier. Roof mounted, probably Thule as these seem to be popular? My question Will they fit Mercedes roof bars? Or perhaps I need to enquire about some adaptors or something? 2013 C-class estate with roof rails. Already have genuine Mercedes Roof bars so...
  6. M

    Roof Bars for 219 CLS

    As above, I'm looking for some roof bars for a 219 CLS. Preferably Thule or MB. I'm in Bristol so anywhere near me would be great.
  7. D

    s212 roof bars on a s211?

    Anyone know if they would fit? Thanks
  8. Reggies

    Clip on Roof Bars

    Can anyone tell me if I can add roof bars/rack. I have looked at my roof and all I can see is 2 chrome strips running from the front to rear, no little plug/gaps. The car is a 1995 c180.
  9. G

    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
  10. D

    Roof Bars on W213 Estate

    Does Anyone know if the Mercedes Roof Bars for the New E class estate allow the sunroof to open, all other makes of bad say no and the dealers don't seem to know if the oem ones will, if they don't it makes the choice far greater. Thank you.
  11. N

    S212 Roof Bars

    Just wondering if anyone has some for sale? Or recommendations for comparable to oem ones. TIA Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  12. S

    roof bars

    does anyone have any of these lying around. there the correct Mercedes roof bars for the W123 & W124 estate models.
  13. B

    CL203 Roof Bars

    Hi, I'm a newby and desperately trying to find a set of roof bars (preferably the OEM version) for a 2003 C180 Sports Coupe - I have the panoramic roof version if that makes any difference. Anyone got a pair gathering dust?
  14. R

    Roof Bars W204

    Hello, Newbie with last 5 weeks of Mercedes ownership after 47yrs of various other makes, very pleased with Palladium C220 CDI Auto W204, 2014, though main dealer not endearing. Please can someone help with instructions for roof bars fitting instructions, purchased some used bars but did not...
  15. Gollom

    ML roof bars

    Anybody have a pair of these gathering dust please? Going away with caravan shortly and I think my wife is taking the house contents just in case of a break-in :crazy: Take pity on me! I'm in Preston, Lancs
  16. J

    W246 B-Series Roof bars wanted

    Looking for a pair of roof bars for my W246 B220
  17. swannymere

    S124 Estate Roof Bars OE

    Mercedes S124 Estate Roof Bars in good condition, £25 + P&P
  18. D

    s211 roof bars

    I'm after a cheap set of roof bars for occasional use. One place seems to suggest there is more than one type of roof bar (longitudinal ones on the car not the horiz ones I'm buying) fitted to cars of this era and are listed as "NOT SUITABLE FOR SOLID ROOF BARS WITHOUT GAPS" Anyone shed any...
  19. W

    black handles and roof bars

    I have recently purchased a C Class estate 2001 model and must say other than a few small issues that the guys on this forum are slowly helping me sort out I am super happy with the car. However the previous owner was not so careful during polishing hence I have a number of white stains on the...
  20. Gollom

    Genuine W211 roof bars

    Complete with locks etc. Happy with £75 - collection from Preston (J31a M6)
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