1. GeeJayW

    RIP Walter Becker.. :(

    Steely Dan's Walter Becker dies aged 67 - BBC News Very sad to hear this news. Been a big fan of Steely Dan for several decades now.
  2. E

    Becker nav work with any ntg4.5 stereo

    Hi, just wondering if any ntg4.5 will work with a becker sat nav setup, my cd changer unit is damaged withn my stereo and having to source a replacement
  3. FordToMerc

    Becker Map Pilot update 2017

    £80.00 download for Europe and the entire estate I live near in UK is still not on the map. WTF! Come on why bother.
  4. alanjm99

    Hello and Becker

    Hi All Newbie here with a E250 Estate 2013, my first MB, and so far its awesome :) I have a M013 Becker i bought off Ebay, plugged in all working, but the maps are 2012, anyone bought the 2017/2018 sd cards off ebay, do they work....
  5. brucemillar

    Hot Becker Radio

    Folks My Becker Radio gets very hot when on. I do mean very hot. I have the radio out of the dash just now as I was attempting to diagnose a speaker fault (now fixed). I noticed that the metal on the radio itself is really hot almost too hot to hold. Is that normal? What could be the...
  6. jon.english68

    Becker back up issue

    What gives guys, it's been like this all day [emoji44] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. markjay

    Becker Map Pilot for sale

    For sale: Becker Map Pilot navigation module. (the pic above is from the Internet) For more details, see here: Suitable for cars made between 2011 and 2015, but only if the car has the Becker Map Pilot pre-wiring...
  8. Ajay Bhatoa

    Becker sat nav adapter and genuine AMG floor mats for c class coupe.

    Hey guys. I have a few items for sale if anyone would be interested. I get a new car on Thursday so these are available straight away. Make me some offers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. W

    Becker Grand prix

    Hi, I'm looking for a Becker Grand Prix or other appropriate Becker model for installing in my 124 cabriolet. Has anyone anything for sale that they feel might be of interest to me? Thanks in anticipation..
  10. jon.english68

    Audio 20/ Becker maps / Bluetooth phone operation

    OK so I need some help/ advice if you would be so kind, my 2012 C220 Coupe has the 6 disc Audio 20 system and I have recently purchased a Becker map pilot, all is well with both stereo and the Nav, I can connect my phone via Bluetooth without any issues, my problem is this, when I have the...
  11. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot for sale

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could be due an update for newer map roads ect. Sent from...
  12. Dannyallen89

    Becker map pilot

    Hi due to selling my car I have a becker map pilot for sale looking for £170 ovno pick up newcastle upon Tyne or I can look into postage cost around the UK. I know very little about this apart from it cost me £240 8month ago I think it could do with an update too. Sent from my SM-G930F using...
  13. wobbly

    Becker Map Pilot

    Becker Map Pilot M013 Assembly date 02/14 I installed the latest maps in September 2016 Only selling as I've had Comand installed. Perfect working order, with box and instructions. £250 posted
  14. A

    Alternative to Becker Pilot

    Hi all when I inquired about fitting the sat-nav MB wanted nearly £500 for the module. So got myself a bungee cord and fitted my Gallaxay S2 Tablet and use Google maps to go see friends in Wolverhampton, and it worked brilliantly, preferred it to my old Tom Tom. Had a look at a few other...
  15. S

    Becker Map module

    I want to purchase for my car, but see various Becker models on eBay. Does it matter what model is purchased? Do they automatically come with access to free online updates (even though I ma not the original owner)?
  16. C

    Facelift W204 - COMAND versus Becker

    I'm looking at buying a facelift W204 and can see the vast majority come equipped with the Becker SatNav system, but a few do have COMAND fitted. Can someone please run through the differences between the 2 systems ie what extra features COMAND gives? Does Linguatronic only come with COMAND...
  17. J

    Becker Map Pilot

    Recently purchased second hand unit, when it arrived I fitted it in to my 2014 B class, and it appeared to work OK. I was not familiar with the controls for it, so decided to remove it until I was more familiar, and I was going on holiday just back from holiday, and plugged unit in, now getting...
  18. T

    Becker map pilot wanted

    Hi I am after a Becker map pilot MO54 onwards if anyone has one, Cheers
  19. I

    Becker Map Pilot

    Hi, There New to this Forum - having just purchased a 2012 C220 Sport AMG Estate. The previous owner has just forwarded to me the Becker Mappilot unit, but without the SD Card installed. As I cannot get the Navi to connect, I assume that it does need the SD card to be installed to operate...
  20. J0hn

    Becker Map Pilot

    A friend of mine has an A207 E class Convertible on a 62 plate, he has Audio 20 and would like to put the Becker Map pilot in the glove box, the connector is already there, I have read numerous threads and cant get to grips with the exact one for his vehicle, does anyone have the part number? or...
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