Is this the beginning of the end of the petrol engine.

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Volvo to phase out traditional engines - Volvo to phase out traditional engines - BBC News
  2. S

    W140 S500 beginning to detail.

    I've spent the last few weeks trawling a fantastic forum, detailing world, to learn about the art of car cleaning and today I finally started the paint correction on my S500. The car has been washed several times in the past 3 weeks and has had some hand polishing and waxing done but today I got...
  3. C

    The beginning of a long relationship

    I am the proud new owner of an astral silver, low mileage R 107, 380 SL...buying a car like this is like reminds me of when I brought my first son home from the hospital-ok, we now have a baby, what do we do? So, I was hoping that the cumulative wisdom from this forum may be able to lend me a...
  4. J

    Hi all. Beginning my search and intro

    First of all just to say hello. I couldn't seem to find the new members section to write an intro. Maybe coz I'm on a mobile device. I am intending to get a C63 coupe soon, subject to a test drive as I have never driven one, so I need to know if I will like it. Previously a BMW man through and...
  5. smillion

    Suit and tie, beginning of the end?

    I am an accountant in practice, and have been for 28 years. I own a business with 14 accountant employees, and the guys all wear suits, with ties. However in recent years I have noted a shift towards smart casual wear amongst our clients, and also amongst some of the financial staff in the...
  6. R129mine

    r129 - is this the beginning of the end

    hi i drove along at around 70mph today in cruise control when all of a sudden cruise control stopped, the speedometer stopped working and the ABS, ASR, brake and handbrake light all came on at the same time the mpg indicator also stopped working. i stopped on a layby and stopped engine and...
  7. NW_Merc

    The beginning of another turbo C180

    I know that some of you will say, you wont get much out of a C180 performance wise, or the money you will spend you could get a C36 or higher. All of this is true. However, sometimes certain things happen in ones personal life where you think to yourself, I'll take on the challenge just to see...
  8. D

    Greece; Is this the beginning of the end for the Euro?

    I've always been intrigued by the Euro as a currency and I find the social unrest in Greece to be the beginning of the end for the Euro as it is now known. BBC News - Greece protest against austerity package turns violent
  9. S

    So, the beginning of the ownership of my first Merc

    As said in previous posts, I have just bought a C180 Esprit Auto (W202). It is a good example with 133k and FMBSH up to 100k. So far I am totally loving it, not surprising as I had a vintage Clio (gap filling car) before. Obviously being a 16 year old car it has certain problems, these are what...
  10. S

    Beginning to think Clarkson is right about Audi drivers....

    Dont want to bore you with all the details - but recently noticed that Audi drivers seem to be complete no&s. Now maybe that is the wrong way around - all the no&s seem to be driving Audis.
  11. Tan

    I spy with my little eye...something beginning with C

    Wow...this car looks even better in the real life. Please excuse the poor (camera phone) pictures. I back in that area again tonight so will try and get some more pictures if the car is still there.
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